Sept. 27, 2020

Nothing to Report Today

I didn't make an entry yesterday and almost didn't write one tonight. There just wasn't much going on this weekend. About the most exciting thing was one of my cats attacking me and nearly breaking half the fingers in my hand. I had no idea a ten pound house cat could be that powerful.

We have three male cats left. They are unfixed (long story) and absolutely hate each other. Lately the younger two--Leo and Silver--have been attacking each other if they are in the same room. Like they will search and stalk each other as soon as one comes in the room. I forgot Silver was under my bed until I noticed Leo sitting very tensely under the corner of my bed. I managed to get Silver out with some treats, but when I reached under (very slowly and cautiously) to grab Leo and get him out of my room before they hurt each other, he attacked me. There was surprisingly no blood. His claws connected in three small spots, but he hit me hard enough that I couldn't move my fingers for several minutes after. I think he might have hit a nerve on top of it. My fingers are still wore and swollen.

Other than that happening, all I've done is watch TV and knit. I had planned to get up early and do some editing before my football game started, but my daughter came in to talk as soon as she saw I was up. She's completely manic and hadn't slept in two days. She decided to take an Ambien in the hopes she would sleep before her twelve-hour shift at work tonight. An hour later, while I was talking to the 14yo about her cat attacking me, the oldest came in completely tripping on the Ambien. And still very much awake. Sigh. She did go to work. I guess she eventually fell asleep but sure didn't get the recommended eight hours. I told her she needs to talk to her doctor about getting on some prescribed sleeping pills (the Ambien was mine but never worked for me--they don't make me sleep or make me high). She's having some kind of mixed bi-polar episode where she's obviously manic as hell but feels completely depressed. That is not a good thing. It's bad enough being one or the other, but both at the same time can have very bad consequences.

Tomorrow, I have a virtual appointment with my psych doctor. I'm trying not to think about it right now or my anxiety will go through the roof and I won't be able to sleep. But every few minutes, I remember and freak out a little before I forget again. I'm going to be a mess tomorrow, thinking about it constantly because I'll be afraid I'll miss it since even with alarms and stuff, I forget to do stuff all of the time (like I forgot to take my blood pressure meds today despite two different reminders on my phone).

On the plus side of things, my feet aren't swelled at all today. Sometimes it feels like the swelling is so random. It'll get really bad and nothing I do will make it better. And then other times, it just goes away on its own even though I've done nothing different. I do know that sitting at a table/desk with my feet under me makes them swell up more as does the heat and not drinking enough water. Hopefully my labs turn something up.

Oh, but on the negative side... My arm is all swelled and hot where I got my flu shot on Friday. Funny enough, it's the area below where I got the shot that's irritated. I can't even tell where the shot was at other than where the band-aid was. That part is fine. So weird. Definitely nowhere near as bad as those tetanus boosters, though. Those things hurt like a mother... I had a Tdap booster in 2019 because my daughter was pregnant, and my arm was sore for two weeks. I remember sitting there one day, wondering why it hurt then remembered the shot two weeks earlier. Geesh.

Written by justanotherjen

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