Oct. 1, 2020


I didn't get a lot done today. I'm not sure if I have allergies or if I'm sick, but I haven't felt very well all day. I guess I needed the sleep. I woke up early with a sense of urgency and thought someone had texted me, but they didn't. It must have been a nightmare that I was having, so I didn't sleep well the night before. I am sleeping longer on average than I used to with the addition of trazadone. I really don't want to be taken off of my medicine. They're actually pushing me more towards medical marijuana, but it's just too expensive for me to buy all the time. I was lucky that my roommate had some left over when I was out the other day, but then their partner took me to the dispensary and I spent the last of the cash I had set aside for last month.

I should be paid in the next few days, but I'm worried that with my funds being cut and having to pay my credit card bill, I'm probably short another $400 more than I thought I was because yeahhhhh I need to pay that. It's only a secured card, so I actually have the money, but I'll probably have to pay rent with credit this month, which isn't a great feeling. I don't have much of a choice though, being on a set income.

Tomorrow night is going to be another family night in the back yard, so everyone will be here and probably will be intoxicated in some way. They said that I could try acid again, but I really think it's pointless because my medicine gives me totally immunity from it's effects, which is both kind of neat and fucking sucks at the same time.

I still need to work on my inktober project for today. I didn't draw anything the other day. I'm worried that the structure of You Must Do This Every Day is going to be too much for me because right now it kind of feels that way and I don't actually feel like drawing at all, especially since I can barely breathe and feel like crap and kind of just want to sleep. I wish I could get it done, but I just don't know. Then if I say oh I'll do two tomorrow....then I will never get any of them done.

Edit: I have drawn magikarp variations for today's theme "fish"

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Oct 02, 2020

Good luck with inktober! I usually approach it pretty casually, but this year I'm going to try and actually draw something every day. Though I'm not doing the official prompts, I'm going with an OCtober theme (my OCs are so neglected lol, they deserve more art).

Posted On Oct 02, 2020

I need to pick up drawing XD, those are really good

Posted On Oct 02, 2020

@Achaius Good luck to you as well! I'm just starting my prompt for today. I think everyone's OCs need more love lol there are definitely some of mine which I neglect who I plan to do art for during inktober if I stick with it for more than a few days this time...

@JustMegawatt You should try it! Draw something following the inktober prompts each day! https://inktober.com/rules Thank you for liking my art

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