Oct. 5, 2020

Fuck life

Just spent an hour writing a 1000+-word journal entry but got an error when I tried to post it so lost all of it.

I hate life.

Written by justanotherjen

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Posted On Oct 05, 2020

Figures this one would post just fine but not the one I spent a stressful hour writing. Fuck everything right now.

Posted On Oct 06, 2020

Recommendation to click save every like 5 minutes... Sorry about that.... :(

Posted On Oct 06, 2020

What I do is I press save every few minutes and leave it at the default "Private" visibility. Once I'm done, I just change it to "Public" and it goes public

Posted On Oct 06, 2020

@JustMegawatt Yeah, I just got complacent. It's my own fault, and I know it. I used to save religiously when writing online or at least copy/pasting to somewhere else before I finished. But the other site I use has gotten very reliable, and I got out of the habit. That'll teach me. Was just not having a good day at all.
I'll definitely be more diligent now.

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