March 21, 2020

Cooking Marathon

So, my brother's names day was last week and my mother really wanted to make some Dobos cake for him since it is his favourite but mostly because she recently learned how it was made originally and really wanted to try it out for herself. For some context, I should say that at the weekends we only cook on Saturdays and eat the same on Sunday's so we essentially cook for two days. But for some reason, my mother found the courses that require the most work to make. So I was just making sure nothing burned and washed the dishes thrice over, we were using so many.

For the soup, we made chicken broth the way we Hungarian do it, we made some soup filling as well. I do not know what it is called, but we fried some onions added a bunch of herbs, a lot of eggs and soaked and wrung out buns, you would usually put it all in a cooking bag and then in the boiling soup, but we wanted to try something new so we put it in a and form and simply baked it in the oven. My mom said it turned out a bit tougher but I did not notice it.

For the main course, we made steamed buns. Not the eastern version, but the one they make in Austria as well. You make dough with yeast, let it leaven some then cut out circles with a cup put some fine plum jam between two circles steam it and prepare some vanilla custard and powder some poppy seeds with sugar.

As this all was going on we made the cake to have for later. Dobos is a layered cake where the sponge cake does not have any baking soda in it and you do not make one and cut it up, instead you bake it in a pan like American pancakes, but again, no baking soda. It is only spongy because of the eggs. You make chocolate cream for the layers and the sides and for the top you make some shiny caramel. The cream I think really makes or brakes the whole cake. The important thing is to make it from fine chocolate and real butter, not margarine.

We finished everything in less than three hours, but I felt exhausted by that time. I have not really accomplished much else today.

Written by Aislene

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