March 22, 2020

Reading between the lines

Reading the news has always required some prudence. I have not researched other countries but this is definitely the case for us here in Hungary.

My father says it has been the case all the time. He likes reading the newspaper archives and Arcanum is free for the month so he has been checking out some really old stuff over there. I kinda understand why they would want to lie to the public in general. Sure some would figure it out and might even speak up, but letting the whole populace know how all the selfish nonsense they have done is causing literal deaths, would get them mobbed in short order.

A government's job would be to operate the country, to maintain the virtues by punishing crimes and regarding what is worthy of praise and NOT to get rich and build stadiums like we had any use for them. This situation is gradually uncovering all the lies and corruption that we lived with soo far. We were supposed to have stocks full of masks, but now when they are actually needed they tell us, it does not even help or sure we have enough, but you can hardly find any in the country. Or what about the development of schools. On paper, all schools already got new computers and e-boards but in reality, none of them are there yet. They sure would come in handy now that kids have to study from home.

The incompetence of the Hungarian government and politicians, in general, irritates me greatly almost to a point where I am planning to gather my own party and turn this corrupt system upside down. Politics here have been in such a state that in 8th grade my class started joking about dividing the ministries among ourselves depending on who wanted to study what in the future. We laughed at the news we heard and we said we could do the same if not better. I grew a hatred against politics. From what I heard they were all thieves and liars, I did not want to know of them. I was in willful ignorance. I hardly learned any history, I liked the different art periods but I did not want to remember the dates of who stabbed who in the back when. I had something of a Daoist philosophy at that time I guess, even though I have only learned about it a few days ago.

I have only recently found a new interest in the affairs of state and history. I regret not studying properly in school and am infinitely thankful for the opportunities that come from the internet, and for Khan Academy for giving me a broad outlook on world history as a whole. I still have a lot to catch up on if I am considering making this country more livable, overall better place. Fortunately or not I have quite a lot of time since I just started college and would like to finish it first. I also have to meet a lot of people who are capable and skilled. If I really go this route, I do not want to make the same mistake as the current governing party. I will not settle for incompetent, cowardly yes-men who can not make a good decision by themselves. The first thing I would do is abolish party discipline. What are representatives even doing in the parliament if they do not even have a say in any matter? Everything would be much more exciting if representatives really did what their title suggests and represented their voters and area. Is that really too much to ask?

In all honesty, I am far from suitable or ready for anything as grand as leading a country. I can only hope there is at least one other person who is thinking along these lines, is experienced enough and is not afraid to take the first scary step. But if no one steps up in the next decade, I might have to myself. It would probably not hurt to be prepared in any case. I can not help berating myself for thinking myself soo outstanding and worthy, but someone has to do it. It does not have to be me.

Written by Aislene

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