Oct. 7, 2020


I slept all day today and I'm full of snot. I guess that means I have to admit that I'm actually sick and it's not allergies after all...

Tomorrow my roommate and I are going out to look for my new pet rats and to get supplies. I'm pretty excited about that. They also just told me that they have medicine I can take, hell yeahhh it will probably put me back to sleep though.

My party on Habitica seems to be inactive now... Unfortunately that means I need to look for a new one that regularly does quests. I have some that I want to finish and get the achievements for...

Jena gave me some dayquil around 8:30ish which I just sort of drank out of the bottle because there was no way to measure it.. I'm sure it's fine... Now it's a bit later and I am feeling a little better which makes me feel uhoh about being right about being sick. I'll go back to sleep soon.

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Oct 08, 2020

Yeah that happens in Habitica a lot. Parties just die out after a while. I was in a bunch of different parties, each one slowly dying out with people becoming inactive. The very first party I left I had sentimental feelings for because I was with that group for a long time and I knew a bunch of the people there. They all basically became inactive though so it didn't matter much, but still it felt like so much more because it was the "first" party I joined. I felt less and less attached to each party though the more of them I joined.

If you want to join a more active party, you pretty much have to have a subscription. The more active ones require a certain number of quest submissions a month or else you get booted. In those parties everyone is a subscribed member.

Posted On Oct 09, 2020

@JustMegawatt Oh wow...I mean I am subscribed because I had wanted to try and get my group to stay more active with quests but actually requiring it seems a bit much... Maybe I'm too casual about it and will see more of that if I do look for a new group. I definitely have sentimentality towards this group since it's my first.

Posted On Oct 09, 2020

@iyazo those subscriber-only groups are rare and hard to join, usually having a waitlist. They would be the group I would be most interested in joining though if I weren't already in one.

Posted On Oct 09, 2020

@JustMegawatt I might have to do some looking around, hopefully I'll find a good group

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