Oct. 8, 2020

Pre-Rat Day

Today was supposed to be rat day so we went out and...got everything except for the rats. I had to wait to look at the rats and the people in front of me took one of the ones I had my eye on. There are others that go on sale tomorrow that I'm going to try to get. We plan to leave around noon-ish to get them and hopefully they'll still be there. I still spent more than I wanted to. and I'm really not sure a single day is going to make a difference...those rats were already pretty big. Most of them were males so I think that's what I might get. Boys make better couch potato lap pets and girls are more squirmy and playful typically, though of course they all have different personalities. At least I was able to get everything for the cage all set up. You wouldn't think rats would be in such high demand though yeesh... They did have some really cute ones with big dumbo ears

Jena asked me about Tame today and I wasn't really expecting it......I....dunno how they are? I've thought about inviting them to the house party for Halloween, but as far as I know they're pretty quiet and I don't think they drink much if at all. I don't either anymore, so I guess it would be fine. Jena keeps saying that I can have friends over and stuff, but I really don't have anyone who is able to come over. I mostly have online friends or other friends who also don't have cars like me. I feel like I'm covering up how uncool I actually am compared to what others think I am lol

Anyway hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Filled with more rats.

I finished inking a piece from the other day but because of the running around I had to do and still not feeling well, I didn't draw any more than that bit, which I also didn't color at all. That's fine. A lot of people don't color their inktober stuff. I should try to sleep now and try and get rid of this icky sick feeling

Written by iyazo

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