Oct. 10, 2020

Rats and Plans

Yesterday was a busy day. I went out and got my rats- there are four of them! I really should have stuck with only two, but they're so cute and I have the space- the cage is going to take up the same amount of space no matter what so...four boys. They are lovely lazy lumps and I love them but I have yet to stick with names. The one with the lightning blaze is Jojo. Other names I've been thinking of are Kieran, Koya, Roger, Smudge, or Poe for the others. I'm not good with names.

Tame came over today and we played a few round of magic and a round of canasta. We made plans to go out walking somewhere tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that. They brought over the deer pelvis half that I found on our first hike together and I have it displayed along the back end of my staircase.

I've been feeling a bit off today and I realized that it's probably because I missed my night medicines last night... I apparently fell asleep to a meditation and never took them which is really bad because I can have withdrawal symptoms from not taking them for even a day. I'll probably get something to eat and go to bed early and take my medicine before I lay down to prevent that from happening again. That way I can get up early and not miss church tomorrow, either. I might allow myself to watch a little something before bed, then settle in and read a bit more. I started to read a little bit but then got distracted by the rats. They're still getting used to people so I try to bother them as much as possible lol

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Oct 11, 2020

omg so cute

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