Oct. 11, 2020

Brainstorming Progress; Nothing Else

I did get a lot of work done on my fanfic idea yesterday. I spent most of the day figuring out big plot points and how they might connect, but that's all I did. I barely left my desk and drank way too much coffee so couldn't fall asleep and slept late this morning.

I guess on one hand, I feel good about having all of that plotted. On the other, I feel like I wasted the day. I really need to clean my room and bathroom but don't have the physical energy for that. I ended up having to make myself dinner because my husband ate the last of the beef stew I made the night before. I often hate eating leftovers because I'm the only one that does it, but there are other times I'm just really annoyed at getting no leftovers after I put all of that time and energy into making a meal while everyone else just sat around and gets to eat it all with no work. It's frustrating.

I ended up making myself some rosemary-garlic chicken to pair with some leftover brown rice and brussels sprouts (because they're microwave in the bag and easy to make).

I spent the evening rewatching the end of season six of The 100 then starting in on season seven while randomly crocheting a new cat blanket. I just needed something easy, quick and portable. I have many other projects going, but moving the supplies from my chair to the desk was too daunting. Likewise, I didn't want to move the laptop from the desk back to the chair. The small blanket for my cats to lay on was super easy--just grab a ball of yarn and start. I had it almost finished before I finally went to be and did the last round when I got up this morning.

Unfortunately, I stayed up way too late last night which showed by how hard it was to get up and get going this morning, including making coffee without any actual coffee in the machine. Luckily, I stayed downstairs instead of going up and coming back down like I had initially planned. I noticed at the four-cup mark that the "coffee" was clear. Oops.

The plan for today is probably to just watch The 100 and maybe sort out my outline for the fanfic sequel a little more. I'm too tired to do anything super creative or physical (like clean, although maybe I'll try to get a load of laundry done so we have some clean dish towels in the kitchen).

Written by justanotherjen

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