Oct. 12, 2020

Finished a Big Project

I didn't really do much on Sunday. I woke up kind of late (for me) then finished a little blanket I made for the cats (I got too sleepy to finish the last round of border the night before) and was still in the mood to do more crochet/knitting so after I did my illness journal and stuff, I pulled out the ugly sweater I've been making for my youngest daughter since July.

This is the sweater based on one that Harry Styles (of One Direction fame) wore to some concert that people loved so much, the designer released the pattern for free. It is so freaking ugly but very popular. It's also pretty simple if annoying. It didn't help that I modified the pattern a bit, mostly because I didn't have the kind of yarn it called for (chunky) but did have all of the colors in worsted weight. Which meant figuring out which needles to use. Instead of adding more stitches to get the same size/gauge, I used the same stitch count and made everything smaller since my daughter isn't a 20-something year old guy. The sweater is still huge, though, because it's gigantic on Harry.

Anyway, I thought I would just at least finish the button band I had been working on weeks ago (the last part I had to make before putting it all together) before I had gotten fed up with the project and put it away for a bit. Once I got that done, though, I figured why not just finish it. So I did. And it was just a big a pain to stitch together as it was to make each individual part. Probably the only part of the pattern I liked was that it was sloppily put together with seems and ends purposefully showing so I didn't have to weave any ends in--they were supposed to be hanging out. Genius! I probably would have thrown the whole thing in the trash months ago otherwise (so many ends!!!).