March 23, 2020

Highlights of an otherwise quiet day

Today was a typical day spent at home, but there were some highlights.

I was challenged by a friend on Instagram for the first time and by the time I figured out what I was supposed to do the sun went down, ruining the lighting so I just postponed the whole thing. The same friend was also curious about how my guitar "skills" were coming along, and for lack of a better idea, we played each other songs via messenger video chat. The quality was hilariously bad and though it did not matter much in my case, having little clue what I am doing in the first place, I regretted not hearing her music in person. I hope we can jam together in person when all of this blows over.

The next one is not something normally worthy of journaling but I watched PewDiePie's second Subnautica video and the part when he gets scared while talking was such a perfect scene. I did not see it coming either and that just made it so much funnier.

On Khan Academy, I got to Ancient and Imperial China today. As I was reading about Emperor Wu and his Imperial Academy of Letters, meant for the sole purpose of training competent government officials. I could not help but lament the lack of this sentiment in our leadership. I think they are afraid that if there were smart people around them their incompetence would come to light. Kinda like when the Communist regime took over and killed all intellectuals, professors, engineers they could get their hands on. When your ideals and rule is that obviously wrong, I guess it seems natural to get rid of every meddlesome individual. Not that I am saying that we live in a dictatorship. I am just saying that they are cutting the tree under themselves.

Written by Aislene

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