Oct. 20, 2020

Still Not That Sick...

Still not that sick, but I'm sick enough. It sucks. Now the cold is in my chest so I'm coughing up phlegm. Ick. And my nose was super stuffed up this morning. If this gets into my sinuses... ugh. I only have decongestant pills left which means I have to explain over text to my husband how to get more because you have to get them from the pharmacist by taking a little card to the counter. They don't leave that stuff on shelves anymore. Then you have to hand over your ID and stuff. It's such a freaking pain. But I need ore by tomorrow or I'll be miserable.

So far the cough isn't too bad, but I've also been dosing with cough syrup every four or so hours. I can tell when it starts to wear off because I'll get that tickle of a cough in my chest more often. Sore throat seems better, though, so that's good. I'm terrified of sore throats because I've had two develop into tonsillitis and the last time I never had it treated because my husband wouldn't call the doctor for me (this was many years ago--he now understands my phone issues and makes appointments for me when needed). I don't with tonsillitis on my worst enemy. So any time I get a sore throat, I worry about that (and have flashbacks--it was that bad).

Of course, this has already settled into my chest which is one step closer to pneumonia which I'm pretty sure I had back in 2015 which I didn't get treated. I had all of the symptoms. I originally got sick just before Christmas with a cold. It wasn't too bad so I pushed through with Christmas dinner and hanging out with the kids and stuff. But I still had the cough on New Year's and still had the cough in February and March. I could barely do anything without getting winded and causing a coughing fit that could last minutes and burst blood vessels in my eyes. It was a rough time in my life because we were having issues with the oldest daughter who had run away and had to go to truancy court and all of these things that required me to go to appointments except I don't have a car so had to walk. With pneumonia. In the rain. Ugh.

Ever since then, ever cold I get lingers in my chest for weeks. I mentioned the last one was three weeks I was coughing. From a simple cold. There's a reason I'm terrified of COVID.

But so far, I seem okay. Nothing out of the ordinary with this cold and since it came on so quickly since the last time I was out... Unless I caught it the week before when I was out. Ugh. Nope, not going to think that way. It's just a cold and I'll be better in a couple weeks.

If it wasn't for the oldest daughter and her ridiculous anxiety she refuses to get treated, I would leave my room with my mask on. I should have done it Sunday before the cough got worse. I want to prepare a big pot of something I can eat over the next few days that will be easy to just warm in the microwave. Otherwise I'm going to starve until I'm better. Yesterday, I only ate after my husband got home from work at 2pm. He made me a burger, fries and mac & cheese. I'm sure the kids helped. It's about all he knows how to cook. It's all I ate the entire day because he went to bed at 7pm so no dinner. The kids never even asked if I needed anything. They haven't texted me at all since I got sick.

I did text the 14yo to have her make sure the 10yo got his homework done but not sure she saw it or did anything. She was probably sleeping at the time. Nothing is going to get done with me in quarantine.

I'm going to try to do some editing today while I feel okay. Not sure how far I'll get. But I guess I'll try.

Written by justanotherjen

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Posted On Oct 21, 2020

Sorry to hear that you're sick, colds are terrible! Hmm maybe order in if you can? Treat yourself when you're sick!

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