Oct. 20, 2020

Loan Out

I woke up this morning feeling terrible so I forced myself up- right as my alarm clock started to go off. I was on time for once- that was a surprise. I didn't particularly have anything planned for today, though I ended up doing a lot.

The past few days have been dull. I didn't do much of anything. The entirety of yesterday was spent playing Digimon Cyber Sleuth. I'm getting pretty far into it now (I've played it before on PS4, this is on steam and I love achievements). I need to do some cleaning up. I've let cans pile up beside my monitor and trash that needs to go out...

So today when I woke up, I hit my usual response of "which thing do I want to do least?" and pick based on that to....get back to stretching, exercising, and yoga, since it was first thing in the morning. Maybe I've actually been derailed since then actually... I messaged Michael and he came to pick me up and we went to the dispensary and target. I realized while I was there that my EBT card wasn't working, and now I'm concerned that I was cut off of food stamps too because they should have been on there....

Michael is so nice. He bought me starbucks and handed me his card and he said "There's x amount on there, go nuts" and took me to another grocery store (because we had already left). I was unable to find rat food reasonably priced anywhere so I got them cat food.... I know it's not the same, supposedly, but the ingredients list is pretty similar based on what I bought, maybe actually better. I just hope they like it because I can't afford to buy them anything else until next month. Of course they're going to get greens and cheerios and treats like that which I bought also. A little for them, a little for me. As soon as I get paid I'll be getting their food in bulk online like I used to.

I felt like a lot of today was spent in the car, but it was a nice time running errands with my friend. I mentioned my upcoming surgery and right away, I didn't even ask, he says he'll come pick me up after my surgery. I'm glad that I have good friends that I can lean on. Jena covered me again at the dispensary so I owe them $55. I don't like owing people money, so I plan to pay that back when I pay rent but....I don't know if I can afford that again. This feels like a bad loop.

Edit: added some pictures of my cute rats to old posts because why not

Written by iyazo

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