Oct. 23, 2020

Much Writing Work Done

I'm now looking good to start NaNoWriMo. I had wanted to have up through chapter 52 ready to go and then I would start writing from chapter 53. For a while it was looking like I would be writing 49 and 50 along with 53 onwards and scrambling to edit the earlier chapters come November, but I buckled down the last few days and... well, I'm in good shape now.

I now have 38-42 ready to go and queued up on all the sites I want to post to with 38 going out tomorrow! And let me tell you, this is one of the bigger headaches of posting fanfic--the stupid formatting is different for each site. And then I realized after I pasted and saved to all those sites that not all of my freaking formatting transferred when I copied from Scrivener to LibreOffice. I swear to god. It's such an ordeal.

This is my process...

write either at 4thewords.com or in Scrivner (if in 4tw then copy/paste to Scrivener)-->edits in Scrivener-->copy/paste to LibreOffice to get formatting correct (because Scrivener uses line breaks instead of paragraph breaks which is UGH)-->copy/paste to htmltidy.net (because LO leaves a bunch of formatting tags in that I don't want cluttering up my html)-->use grammarly on the tidy site to double check for errors (which means going back and fixing them both in my Scrivener file and the .doc)-->copy/paste to my wordpress blog and add preformatted headers/footers that I have top copy from a previously posted file (ugh--that means having two tabs of WP open)-->copy/paste the html only to tumblr (because otherwise the formatting doesn't copy) and adding headers footers from previovus posted chapter (ARGH!)-->copy/paste to a new chapter on AO3 usually using just the html then checking to make sure it all looks okay (at least there's no headers).

If everything looks good on all of them, I post or save them for later. It's such a freaking ordeal and doesn't account for adding them to my livejournal and dreamwidth. It's just too much work.

Today, I managed to do rewrites for the last four chapters I have written. That included figuring out how to shift some scenes around because a couple chapters were running long and I was still missing at least one scene I needed to link everything together (pitfalls of writing out of order over vast quantity of time). But it went surprisingly smoothly. I was quite happy with the results of the rewrites. There still needs to be some fine tuning, but I'll get to that in later edits.

My headaches started when I tried to do final edits and ready the earlier chapters to post. This level of edit has to do with the formatting and posting to htmltidy.com to give grammarly a chance to look it over. It's all such a headache. I had finished chapter 41 and was halfway through 42 before I remembered I needed to copy/paste the html for tumblr to make sure all of the italics sticks. Then I realized not all of the italics stuck from Scrivener to LO. I nearly lost it at that point. Somehow I managed to stay calm and figure it all out. I was about to move on to chapter 43 when I realized I didn't have to. Sure I want to get it all out of the way, but I don't have to do that today.

There's still nine days until NaNo and these chapters won't be posted until the end of November/early December anyway. There's plenty of time to work on them later. I can actually go do something else. I've been working nonstop on this story for three days. Like I've done nothing but this story for hours at a time. I didn't even realize how high my anxiety was until I let myself take a step back. I still feel jittery, though, so I might take a pill and maybe watch Netflix or something. I just don't know what I'm in the mood to watch.

On top of that, I'm feeling sicker today. It's either just the normal progression of the illness for me (there's always ups and downs it seems), I did too much yesterday with cooking dinner so now I'm feeling it, or my family gave me something else. Apparently everyone but the 14yo and 17yo are sick. No one is isolating or wearing masks. If they got a different cold than I had... It wouldn't surprise me. The 20yo was much sicker than I was when I first got sick. Sigh.

It's still not super bad if I just chill and try not to do too much.

Still waiting to hear about the home sleep test. Not that I could go get the machine right now anyway because they don't want you going into the clinic sick unless you're going there because you're sick, you know?

Oh, Parent-Teacher Conferences are next week. I signed up for Tuesday to get it out of the way quickly. Not my favorite thing. Actually I hate them--they just cause all sorts of anxiety even though the kids teachers are always nice and always have nice things to say about the kids.

I think I'm going to go make dinner a little earlier because I'm kind of hungry and then play Sims 4 for a while. Maybe just build--something easy that won't make my anxiety worse (because my Sim just had a baby before I stopped playing the other day so that's not going to very relaxing, lol).

Written by justanotherjen

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