March 24, 2020

Just another day down the drain

Somehow this is starting to become a chore. There is less and less to write about every day. We are only in the middle of the second week but I am so done with all this quarantine business.

I decided yesterday to do an Instagram story this morning to answer to my friend's challenge but got soo anxious about posting online, that I did not get out of bed in the first place. Not until my mother set up her home office at my desk so could not do it without disturbing her. Having started the day by door-slamming a task, which is some new level of ghosting I seem to have achieved, I spent the rest of the day doing only the bare minimum of my usual routine. I did not even practice my guitar today. I read Purple Hyacinth on Webtoon and watched YouTube videos all day. I hate it when I give in to this feeling of whatever. Doing only what I feel like at the moment never gives any satisfaction, in the end, It just makes me feel miserable, but I still end up doing it from time to time. The only thing I managed to achieve today was getting my mom concerned. She asked me before going to bed if I was okay. I, of course, told her I was. Anyway, I will be fine. I still have tomorrow. Maybe then I will have something to write about.

Written by Aislene

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