Oct. 26, 2020

Another weekly review

Weekly review 18-25 of October

Whats wrong with me

Lack of initiative, unmotivated, distractions (dota 2, malcolm youtube in general) that's how I would categorize myself these last couple of weeks, doing just precisely what I have to do, taking shortcuts, and looking for comfort in my life. I suck, I suck, I suck.

But, we all suck sometimes, I think (just trying to explain this a little bit) that I'm seeing some big changes in the near future in my adult life and the fact that we are coming back to normal from this cursed year has affected me in a way that increases my own weaknesses.

I need to prove myself these last months in hear that I can change, that I can be productive, resourceful, a good worker and student, and that I can take of myself while doing the things I love.

And I will do it

There's no way around it, I will quit this whole week to Youtube and just finish my plans to EXECUTE EXECUTE EXECUTE this last two months, I will do it like my life depends on it.

Written by johanam

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