Oct. 26, 2020


Today was quite slow and uneventful. The weather hasn't been helping my pain or mood so lately I've just been laying in bed. I played through another short visual novel today which was nothing particularly special, just a way to pass the time. I skipped doing my morning workout and yoga. I haven't been doing them lately and in return I haven't had the energy for it anyway... I went through almost an entire vape cartridge in a day because of the pain. I'm going to have to make it to the end of the month without more. I still need to figure out why I got cut off of food stamps too. I have enough to eat for now though which is good. I wish I had more food that I could give to the rats as they've already gone through a box of cheerios in a couple of days... I personally haven't been eating well or healthy and I know I need to fix that. It's an endless cycle of feeling bad. I keep also committing myself to doing things and then not doing them. I need to I guess be harder on myself or not cut myself so much slack for these things anymore because otherwise it's like oh well who really cares? and then there's no point to doing anything when I look at it that way...

Written by iyazo

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