Nov. 2, 2020

October Monthly Review

Monthly Review of October

Time-bound: 1 month

Productivity (effectiveness): 65%

Discipline (sticking to the plan): 0% creating the plan this month.

Alright then, October, in general, was a struggle. I would call it, a necessary struggle but still.

"We all want to change but we don't want to evolve" Yes, that comes from Ultron in the second Avengers movie, but is one of those snippets of wisdom that I would like to go into.

Humans can't change from one day to another, depending on what you are trying to change you can't even change from one year to another or even one generation to the next one. We need time and that's why the word evolve is essential here. To evolve we need two things, change and time, I would bring the to 2020 and call them discipline and persistence which are, although related, very different things.

The first one is the willingness, the struggle, your resilience to external factors, your passions, and your commitment to do what it has to be done. It even comes to your effectiveness in your plans to reach what you want and the compound effect of getting better and better from what you learn through this process for you to evolve.

“Time isn't the main thing. It's the only thing.” — Miles Davis

The second thing is very simple, time. Time is the other obvious element, but just as common sense is not the most common at all, time is not that obvious either. And it is not because we just forget to keep going, to keep working is just that is to damn hard. But using time as a resource towards your goals is the right way to evolve.

Anyways, this month was my time to do an analysis and see how to do a 180-degree change in. That means a big chunk of the month spent being lazy, not really doing what I wanted to do, and making just small progress towards I wanted to accomplish.

But that was enough, why? Because that's why I needed, making small progress towards a big goal to give me a bit of hope and self-cheer. This big goal was just making a reversal and finishing simple plans to follow and EXECUTE these last 2 months of the year to have a clearer path to follow next year (and possibly adding one more ball to juggle at the new year's eve, (new venture)).

So I did it, slowly and with many productivity failures, as always, but watching improvement at the end of the tunnel. Of course, I left most of the things to the very end but it's part of the issues I have and that I'm removing slowly but steady.

I didn't do well at all in my job, but I'm committed to get better, focus and improve my sells skills.

Almost finishing my semester from college with 7 courses won is not bad at all, I could have done way better if I would've applied myself in "lab refri" and "ing. economica". I still did well but only because of the online classes.

I basically accomplished my investment goals for BTC this last month as I placed the $1000 on it and I've very much defined my plan to trade bitcoin during the Bull market. Of course, it wasn't perfect, I screwed up adding the $500 and trading them losing $200 that I could've added to BTC. Anyway, BTC is already moving in the right direction so I AM VERY HAPPY ABOUT THAT. I miss calculated and ended up with a negative amount this month but it's ok.

In this financial part, I finally finish my trading plan and I have all set my Oanda practice account to backtest my plan and strategy in these next 2 months.

I also exercised a lot this month, achieving the 5K and doing my best to practice weekly, mostly running this month because of the new couple of challenges that I have, climbing Guatemalan volcanos (agua, fuego, acatenango).

This month I climbed the "agua" volcano, the easiest one but going down from the other side "alotenango" what a bitch downside jajaja. So hard, but great exercise. Very proud and happy about this.

In the productivity section, I didn't finish my overall schedule but I'll do that today.

Also my writing plan is still missing, hopefully, I can finish it today.

Written by johanam

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