Nov. 5, 2020

Pre-Op Tests

Today I think I scared myself into waking up exactly when I should. I don't know how or why that happens, but if I fixate on my fear of missing the appointment then I end up waking up on my own before the alarm even goes off. I woke up and my phone rang. I had asked Kat to call if she was awake and I got up and ready to go after that. Went into the city to the hospital to have bloodwork done and to have a holter monitor attached to me. I doubt they'll find something in a day, but I guess we'll see. All of my bloodwork already came back normal. I'll have to ask my HRT doctor more about that specifically and how taking testosterone will change for me post-op. I set up when I'm going to do everything for my surgery and when to pick up which prep item that I'll need. I got a lot done and out of the way today even if it seems like only a little. Being in the big hospital alone freaks me out a bit. My actual surgery is the 12th at noon with an arrival time of 10am which seems like......a lot of time in between, idk. I still have more bloodwork and testing that will be done within 2 days of my surgery.

I was feeling awake until a little bit ago, but I guess my medicine is kicking in already. I'm getting sleepy.... I guess stopping video games means bed time. I don't usually feel tired, but I guess I was out and stuff today, though it doesn't seem like that much.... I keep trying to push myself more every time Too tired now... zzz....

Written by iyazo

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