Nov. 9, 2020

Boosting productivity = Boosting confidence (weekly review Nov 1 - 8)

Productivity 69%, +4% from last week

Discipline 40%

Nice week, not flawless, but with a few clear and good results. Also enjoying some special stuff like this last trip on Sunday

I felt a nice flow despite the morning failures and some delayed tasks but I didn't feel to many urges for getting myself distracted, not sure why. I guess the opportunity and the hope of a brighter world.

* Anyways, going to the specifics, I kicked off with doing my exercise routines very well. Always missing the scheduled time but I did it mostly in the afternoons. 3 Km monday, 5km Wednesday and 5K Friday and did my chalistenics exercises on Tuesdays and Thursdays (more or less). Also went for a nice ride on Saturday wich felt nice, although it was just 9 Km biking but still it was great to get out of the neighborhood. I feel that I'm getting ready for my two goals on Nov 21st and Dec 4th.

* Keeping the same pace and rigourosity next week, just trying to do it early in the morning.

* I also worked well and I'm improving little by little in my job, making a few more sales per day and it felt nice going to the office, working with people and being noticed by my supervisor and manager to have an opportunity to be supervisor next year when the business grows in GT.

* Still working to improve my sells wich I'll be doing this week by working more hours, taking more calls and writing better tips.

* Investing was the high of the week too. My overall portfolio growed 16% and ETH gave very good signs of reaching Yearly highs in the next coming weeks. BTC was the highlight of course and as time of writing is making gains of 41%.

* Now trading is another talk, I opened several reckless positions this week very against my mentors advice of the volatility of this week due to US elections. I guess I didn't care to much because is my practice account but I really shouldn't have done that.

So, I will do like a complete start over. My trading account is down 8.83% but I will take it as a new account and start following what I wrote down in my trading plan!

* I read quite some this week, almost finishing my book "the millionaire next door" and doing very good in sherlock and Asimov short stories.

* In college I still feel like I'm stuck but I need to apply my discipline to it and just win this courses to finish already that.

* I missed writing again but I'm willing to do it whatever it takes.

In conclusion, great week, showing me the things that I need to focus on more and what I'm enjoying more and more in life. Having some nice results in some things and looking to work harder in other parts of my life to get results from them.

Keep going man!

Written by johanam

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