Nov. 8, 2020

Little Things

Today I am grateful almost being over. It's the next couple days which will be busy for me. I rested much of today because last night I had a migraine. I have no idea how I eventually fell asleep, but I did. I started watching The Owl House as well as Good Omens today. I like both a lot so far and each was highly recommended by friends of mine. Most of what I did today was watch different shows like that, switching between them so I wouldn't get bored.

My friend, Glitch, just said she might bring over some Warhammer figures for me to paint if she can get the old paint off of them. I don't like the idea of doing work for free, but I do like painting figures. She showed me one of a limited set that she was very proud of having and painting, so I'm happy for her.

Tomorrow there will be much more going on. Michael will be coming at noon to spend time with Jena until it's time to go to my appointment. I'm having a covid test and bloodwork done as a standard part of pre-surgery. After that I have to go out and pick up a few things to also prep for surgery. I'm torn on if I want to go to the dispensary or not. Each time I go that's less I'll have to put towards a PS5 when they come out.... To be fair, I probably wont get one for a while anyway with how console releases tend to go, so maybe it would be ok.... but then I fall into the trap of am I going to say it's ok for some reason every time? I feel like I must be miscalculating somehow. I payed my girlfriend back the other day.... I have enough for rent and to pay Jena back.... and I have enough for another vape cartridge or two. Maybe I'll compromise and get one, then save the rest of the money for later. It's good to have some kind of savings, especially since I have to worry about my rats too.

Another thing I really need to work on soon is making their cage liners slightly larger to try and keep them from crawling under it and hiding because right now it's just a big mess. To do that I need to wait until after we go to the store so I can get cage safe cleaning supplies and then I need to make the bottom portion of the cage livable. I may just keep switching them from top to bottom as I clean up after them. Keeps their environment interesting and easier for me to clean without needing four extra arms to look after them all. Generally they'll all lumps who like to blob about, but since they're still young they still love to play. I love the little hops they do when they get excited! Rats get very bouncy when they run around all happy. I'm glad to have them in my life.

I know a lot of people dislike rats, but I know a good deal about them. I wonder if keeping rats is the thing I'm meant to do in life....? That not a lot or a big deal. But maybe one day I could open a rat rescue and educate people about them. Who knows. I keep thinking about what my aunt said and it makes me feel like a my little pony without its cutiemark (my roommate downstairs was definitely watching that show earlier, I could hear it...makes me wonder how much of me they hear up here...whoops, I want to be a good roommate).

Written by iyazo

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