Nov. 11, 2020

Pre-Surgery Day

Tomorrow morning I have my surgery. I'm a little nervous about a few different things about it. Mostly I just want to go in, go to sleep (because lord knows I'm not sleeping tonight...), and then wake up minus a few organs. Seems easy enough. So today of course was prep day. It wasn't that bad because my diet has been ...well... bad. I don't eat a lot and it's been nothing of substance lately, so doing a cleanse as required for the surgery was pretty easy on me aside from making me feel like I'm going to be sick. That's just the medicine in the drinks. I wonder if it's ok to stop drinking them if nothin's coming out and it's making me feel sick. I mean there's really no reason to torture myself like that. Between that and the rain outside I'm fighting off another headache and I Can Not let it become a migraine, it would ruin me.

Earlier I talked to a friend and got advice for doing full sale sex work (fssw) which was nice. It's good to know what I'm worth per hour and it's a decent amount, actually... Really enticing to get more into it. My downfall is that I'm lazy. Eh. I was told there's a lot of risk and it's dangerous, but everything I hear from my friends who do it are that it's really empowering and good for them, so to me it just seems like fun. I was asked would I fuck some random old guy for like $400... psh I mean yeah probably, money is money baby~

Plus I honestly don't know if this surgery and everything around it is totally covered by my insurance.... I can never make rent.... I can't afford to keep vaping weed even though it helps me so much... I got more today because I figured I needed something between the rain, surgery, and my depression lately. They were out of what I went in for, but they always do really great recommendations. I went in and said my symptoms are PTSD, insomnia, and depression and they said oh ~these~ terpenes are good for that and so on..... So I ended up with a cartridge called Strawberry Fields. I usually don't have a strong sense of taste, but this one is good and does taste like a creamy strawberry flavor. I went over to Glitch's house so that I could use their bathroom and was accidentally so high that I had to ask her roommate, Bunny, how to leave the apartment lmaooooooo (to be fair it was a tricky door next to another door then down a dark hallway and out two other sets of doors).

I don't remember sleeping at all, but I must have at some point. I just remember being outside with everyone in the house, and the cats all in cages, and the rats all in one big cage. Mister was very unhappy about being in cat jail. And I found out there are actually EIGHT cats. There was another adult, Lady, who was in with Mister who I hadn't seen before. The exterminator didn't say he found any fleas and all of the cats were given a flea bath so everything inside should be fine now. I just heard all the sudden that we had to deal with fleas immediately and they forgot I had to do my surgery stuff. Luckily I passed the time watching the first Avengers movie and then it was time to go back inside and also start my pre-surgery stuff... Good timing. Now I've struggled through it all and can only have water until midnight and then nothing until after surgery. Even with the help of robotics the surgery will take 2.5hrs. Enough time to make me worry... but I'll be unconscious, so it'll be fine. Then I just need to worry about pain meds

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Nov 12, 2020

good luck with your surgery dude

Posted On Nov 12, 2020

Hope everything works out and there's no complications.

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