Nov. 12, 2020

New Blog niche: "My financial rookie"

//My first blog then, I really want to be constant with this niche right now, start writing in a particular style which is not only informative as a smartass or as an impersonal knowledge but letting know that I'm learning with them and recommending things that I tried and worked for me. Also having a type of blogposts that try new plans and strategies with readers to write comments and different views about it.

Start from the BASICS making a quick few posts about money, finances, savings, budgeting, etc. And then moving to a couple of other advanced themes like investment opportunities (like trading, entrepreneurship, real-state etc) and finances for businesses, etc. 

Doing a couple of setups like 

 *informative blog posts

*Try it with me! Tools and strategies for finances

 *Storytime! blog posts etc.


YOU ARE A ROOKIE... but, because you're here, YOU ARE A SMART ROOKIE 

Like the Father and son song from cat stevens (more known in guardians of the galaxies) "You're still young, that's your fault. There's so much you have to know" And I would add "there's nothing you can do about it". 

But, being a rookie means that you got the guts to start riding the bull. 

You may be an entrepreneur, a worker, a parent, or maybe it's just you and fido there; but being here, trying to improve yourself, makes you a smart rookie, and after that you only need time. 

How you'll use that time will define you but will get to that later.


Written by johanam

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