Nov. 12, 2020

Surgery Day

Today is the day of my surgery. I woke up early and on time and texted Michael to remind him to pick me up (luckily for me, because he did lose track of time, he said). At first we went to the wrong location, but the two hospitals are close so it wasn't a big deal. It's just a dreary drizzly day out.

I showed up for my surgery around noon. There was no shame in the human body and I didn't feel judged for my "bits." I had to strip and put on a gown, which I needed help with because of my arthritis (curse you, rain!!). I even had to take out all of my piercings. I felt completely naked. I suppose I practically was with the gown. I had to pull it up several times to place diodes and to clean my stomach where the incisions would be. They are all taped and suchered shut but there are at least three (which I think are clusters of small incisions?? Idk).

I went into surgery around 1pm. Everyone was very nice and friendly. It was the first time I was ever on an actual operating table and that was a little scary in and of itself, but I was comforted by the friendly team. I don't remember falling asleep, just the injection that knocked me out. I woke up around 5pm in a room in a bed in a different gown.

I was scared to look at the incisions, but they hurt... I moved the electronic bed up and accidentally tore one open though. I'm very delicate right now. They had to dress me in a new gown and give me a new blanket. I noticed only after I bled through both... It's ok though, they said it happens all the time.

They gave me snacks to eat and some juice and i brought my 3DS. The morphine isn't doing a ton for the pain so I might play some pokemon game or something fun like that while I'm here. I was playing pokemon go for a little while waiting to be taken back and the hospital is a gym.

Speaking of gyms I guess I won't be working out for a while 😭 I'm really sad about that. I'll get back to it eventually, but I'm afraid of getting weaker than I already am. Hopefully I recover quickly so i can get back to it because I also use working out as a coping mechanism for anxiety and anger.

I'm so tired from barely getting any sleep last night because of the prep work, but the pain is keeping me from being even close to falling asleep...

Written by iyazo

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