Nov. 16, 2020

Weekly Review Nov 8 - 15

Well, I'm doing it. Little x little

71% Productivity

50% Discipline

So, a very nice week in general, I felt it very smooth, long, and with nice results. I feel that I have been improving a lot these last couple of weeks for different reasons and in different areas. I like where the results have been taking me and I've been improving in my personal goals too, I finished my book "The millionaire next door" which was just amazing, I'll be thinking of making a summary of the book. I'm also working on my 5 min journal which I was able to do and my ideas journal that I'm trying to do 3 ideas per day and a list of ridiculous ideas for next week. And finally, my courses are doing fine but I just have to focus on a couple of them depending on my next plans.

The most discipline area has been my exercise routine that I'm not missing any day. I'm still not sticking to my schedule almost at all, waking up that early is hard for me but I'll keep trying as I still think that is the key to success.

I am improving little by little in my job again. With 120 sales this month I improve 24% in sales and also I did better in conversion from the last Fortnite. I think that is just the commitment and the resilience that the job requires. Anyway, I've been missing my weekly recaps for TPG so I have to do them again.

I'm almost ending up college, with these 7 courses passed and 2 more in December I'll be down just like 20 credits or 4 courses for next year, basically the end of it. Such a HUGE RELIEF, not an accomplishment, not proud to it just relief.

I had 2 profitable trades this week so that was also pretty good and I'm ordering more of my plan and trading process so I feel good about that. Also, Bitcoin and Etherium are just skyrocketing so that feels great too.

On the same theme, I'm working on a plan to acquire my brother's house as he just left it there. It would be a very nice thing to do, I'll explain next week 

I finished basically my writing plan and now I just have to execute it as disciplined as I do with trading, REMEMBER, IS A BUSINESS!!!

Lastly, I'm trying my best to go back to ENTREPRENEURSHIP, it is my core and the plan will start by relearning some basics in COURSERA.

* Summary of "the millionaire next door"

* Ridiculous 10 ideas list for next week.

Written by johanam

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