Nov. 22, 2020

No Motivation

I've been sleeping the days away lately. I wake up and I'm still tired so I go back to sleep... What else is there to do? I'm not allowed to work out which is how I usually start my day, so I end up more tired than usual between that and the surgery itself.

Just got up to give the rats some cheerios. I should eat too, but I have no more motivation to do that than anything else right now. I could draw or something, but I have nothing in mind to draw in particular at the moment.

I was able to go grocery shopping the other day and now I have a pile of food in my room that I have no idea where to put. I had to make sure I had food for myself up here because of how difficult the stairs are for me right now and all the food in the house tending to go pretty fast.... So I wanted to have things just for me. I still got some things for everyone though. It's basically the only other way I have to pay the rent that I can't afford.

Written by iyazo

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