Nov. 27, 2020

Black Friday

I keep getting hot flashes. I'm not sure if it's the heat kicking on and off in my room or if it's actually me. I don't know if hysterectomies can cause that to happen. To be honest I was probably a bit uneducated and unprepared before getting this surgery. My doctor asked me if I regret it though and I don't, there are just things like this that I didn't know about. Right now I'm sitting here sweating all of the sudden and had to take off my hoodie. It interferes with my sleep, too. I don't want to turn off the heat in my room though because it will get really cold up here.

The only black friday shopping I did was at the dispensary. Jena and I were both out, so they foot the bill for me to pick up for us both. The line was outside and wrapped around the side of the building. At least it wasn't windy, just a little chilly out and the line moved pretty fast. I wasn't expecting them to have anything going on for black friday, but there was a discount. Actually if I had spent a sew cents more I would have gotten a vape for free essentially- I wish they had said something. They would have made another sale lol

I'm nervous about going to sleep because lately I've been waking up from nightmares suddenly, though I won't remember them. I won't be able to get comfortable and then I roll all around being too hot then too cold. It's awful. I was having pretty bad paranoid feelings though so I think maybe part of it was the strain I was vaping at night was no good for me or something. I've never had luck with standard farms cartridges though so I'm not really surprised.

I didn't have money to shop anywhere else and based on the traffic, I didn't want to be exposed to that many people out shopping anyway, so the rest of my day was quiet. I played video games for a little bit and watched some TV. I really want to go to bed now because I'm already starting to get that creeping nervous feeling that I won't be able to sleep. I got some different stuff this time so maybe I'll try vaping a little bit of that and then trying to fall asleep. I mean that is partially what it's for.

Right now I'm just winding down and talking to my bro on discord. Maybe I should make some tea...

Written by iyazo

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