Nov. 29, 2020

Chill Day

I actually woke up on time today. I went to (virtual) church for the first day of advent for the first time. I was nervous about coming back after so long but I got a few DMs during the service welcoming me back. I was honest and told them I had just been sleeping lol I did just have surgery so seemed fair enough. I stayed a little late after church and said hi to everyone officially and excused myself for being absent. I wasn't the only one though, there was another lady I didn't recognize there who they knew.

Since I was awake early today and had some time between that and the next thing I went to drop official business stuff in the mail and decided to turn it into a walk. It was a nice day out walking alone in my warm sweater and the nice autumn air. Maybe a little chilly, but not too bad. Then I came home and continued working out and ended with some yoga. This was my first day back to regular working out. I just had to be a little gentle with some of the positions and motions.

At 2pm my friends were hosting a livestream of their twins opening their birthday presents. They did surprisingly well (with help, of course) for being 1.

I didn't have anything planned after that. I spaced the rest of my day out in blocks of playing games, watching anime/TV, or doing other things like that. So it was a nice chill day.

I tried drawing for a little bit because I wanted to but nothing good came out of it. I've been stuck on designing a new character, but I just can't seem to hammer out the details of what I want or why I want things that way... I'll post something of Wasabi here which I drew the other day instead. I didn't have his mint green color. Oh well...

Written by iyazo

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