Nov. 30, 2020


Today wasn't very exciting. I woke up at 7am drenched in sweat and both freezing and hot at the same time because of it. I went and took a shower, changed clothes, then went back to bed.... I was too tired to deal with anything when the sun was hardly up.

I spent some time organizing my planner, watching Bluey, playing video games, and drawing. Just more garbage mostly while I worked on making a playlist. I'm frustrated because I want to get a new laptop that's touch screen or a tablet so that I could draw on it. The old screenless kind of tablet I have works but I think the cord might be a bit short for my current setup. I need to do something though because my markers are dying... I'll never sell art this way...

I didn't work out today because the rainy weather was making my whole body ache. Actually now that I think about it I really hope that I'm not sick. I'm all snuffly too.... I'll take some cold medicine and maybe it will be gone by tomorrow. I can hope so.

Written by iyazo

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