Dec. 2, 2020

November review

Everything will workout

this week

70% Productivity

30% Discipline

I have a lot of things in my head this last couple of week. College disappointment, life long term goals, mid term financial expectations and a constant nerviosisim in the back of my head for climbing 3 volcanos this coming weekend.

It's a bit overwhelming but I love to overwhelm myself, doesn't matter if I accomplish those things or not, I just love it. (it brings me back to my last post 'bout "memento mori")

I have lived my life always putting myself a lot of things to bare and most of the times I barely lifted them for a while and leave them aside and picking them up like a cycle. I'm sure that I need to change this but is one of the core things that I am, so I love that curiosity, that feeling of starting something new and exciting. Of course, now I understand that some special things I'll have to stick with them but I won't change what I am.

Anyways, I'm talking about this because November was a mixed and complex month. It was the first month in wich I was executing a couple of plans. It didn't work as I though but just to initiate them makes me happy. I am working already in my practice account to trade Forex and I have a nice system to follow my progress and learn from it. But, I didn't have the results I expected. As today I'm almost 10% down and trying to keep my head off the water by hanging to a single nice trade. But I'm not surrendering, not even close. This month I will apply some new ideas and tips and check my mistakes from last trades to stop repeating them.

Writing plan is still ongoing. I'm finding so much resistance on writing for different reasons but I'm also not giving up at all. I manage to catch some nice blogs and steps to follow to start my blog and I wrote a couple of nice posts. I just have to figure out some more stuff like specific themes like Investing BITCOIN in Guatemala or shit like that!!! And grab a better structure for my main blog of "my financial rookie" and just START IT.

I didn't do to well in my job in general but I'm trying little x little. Right now I feel that I don't need to conform with what I'm earning but look for more and more.

I had a disappointment in school too but I'll learn my lesson and keep pushing this last part.

I accomplish some great achievements in my physical real so I'm very happy about that, I want to keep pushing myself in some other ways.

I got my new house for next year !!! (I need to find tenants or roomies)

Written by johanam

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