Dec. 1, 2020


Today wasn't anything too exciting. I woke up sweaty again and got changed and went back to sleep. I got up and had therapy for an hour. It felt pretty productive because I'm realizing that she expects me to talk, unlike my last therapist who would talk over me... I went out, took the last of my money out of the bank and spent it on another vape cartridge... My therapist said I shouldn't try to quit cold without something to replace it, why not just cut back a little...? So I'm going to try that. I played video games for a while. Exercised for a while. I didn't go out for a walk though because it was pretty cold out today and I've already been having trouble regulating my body temperature.

I talked to a friend of mine about helping me take photos to post to essentially sell myself, my image, and he said he would but we're worried about covid and I'm a pretty long drive away and don't have a car to make it to a shooting location or anything. I might have to just deal and do it myself. It wouldn't be that bad, but he has tons more experience than I do with a camera. I'm stuck with my old phone's camera which doesn't get along with my computer anymore.

Ugh. I'm tired. Added a scribble of Wasabi.

Written by iyazo

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