Dec. 5, 2020

Soup and Sleep

I wanted to draw all day today but my executive dysfunction disorder had other plans in making me do literally everything else but what I wanted.

Another morning drenched in sweat, so I hopped right in the shower. I guess I was taking too long because my roommate came and knocked on the door. I exercised after that, but didn't work up too much of a sweat that it mattered. I can still feel the stitches in my midsection when I bend and twist, so I need to be careful. Today reminded me a little of pre-surgery because my day went pretty similarly to that and I had a (mostly) liquid diet today. I don't know what it was, but I was really in the mood for soup all day, so that was all I made. Butternut squash and sweet potato was my favorite, I'll have to get more of them. I just got it to try on a whim, knowing I dislike squash generally, and I liked it anyway. Yay me for picking something healthy!

Ah... I've been thinking more about my wardrobe as it gets colder out. I recently tried something called stitchfix, I got a $100 credit from my cousin's (ex?)wife, and what you do is go to their website and pick your size and what styles you like, make notes on different outfit inspirations, and then they send you some clothes according to what you might like, you only pay for what you want to keep and shipping everything back if you really don't like it is free. At the very least you'll probably get a good outfit out of it. If anyone wants to try it my code is: (this is only for $25 but still, free clothes money). The stuff I kept from them was nice, but the items they sent me were a little on the expensive side. I sent back one shirt that was $70! I mean it was really nice, but a bit too fancy for me. That's the only down side, I guess. I'm not rich by any stretch of the definition. The stuff I kept was free though, so it didn't matter. There's a nice black/grey marbled sweatpants and a really soft black and red marbled long sleeve shirt which I kept. All very comfy.

I couldn't seem to focus on one thing today and kept getting up and pacing then doing something else. Doing pomodoros (25 minute study blocks, basically, if you don't know what they are) get me into that habit for better or for worse. I got several done today working on exercising and reading. I've managed to catch up to my weekly reading goal and surpass it. I should have the book finished soon, hopefully within the next week. After that it will be on to the next on the pile of never shrinking to-be-read books. I finished watching Bluey today which is kind of sad because it's a good kids show. I hope it's continued in the future. I finished Good Omens a while back. I'm almost finished with Deathnote. My to-watch list is as bad as my reading list.

As I mentioned before, I really wanted to draw, but I have artist's block, so I read instead. It didn't give me any ideas other than drawing my fursona holding a can of soup and eating directly from it like the degenerate I am. I might do that tomorrow now if I can remember it. Right now is my winding down time which I badly need. I'm thinking about making some tea, maybe heating up another soup, and listening to "Birth of a New Day" by 2814. It's one of my favorite chill albums. If I bother to do all of that I might as well stay up and draw! But I really should be getting ready for bed as I need to wake up early tomorrow. It's a tough call. Soup and sleep. Why don't we have both? I wish it were that simple...

I still need to go through all of my cards and try and build some at least half-decent decks so that I can play with Brett again. I should plan on doing that tomorrow as well. Hopefully the rain will let up for a day so I can sit on the floor and my old knees won't hurt too badly. And as usual if I do make the art, I'll post it here somewhere.

Written by iyazo

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