April 1, 2020


I suck.

We as humans are born to fail (I didn’t want to say that we’re born to suck)…. but yeah, we all suck, at least a little bit, at least at some things.

That’s why it takes so long for us to learn a new skill, to acquire a new habit, to simply get things done. And, it gets worst, usually when we get the things that we wanted and when we achieve our goals we realize that is not enough, we want more or just other things. I did some writing about this and it’s kind of depressive.

We make many more mistakes than we get things right and most of the time we just don’t want to do the things that we need to do, which is worst than making those mistakes.

It’s terrible!, this is just like Al Pacino said in scent of a woman “Now I’ve come to the crossroads in my life and I always knew what the right path was, without exception, I knew, but I never took it. You know why? Because it was to damn hard.”

I love to find wise words in every place I get the chance to hear or read them and those are some wise words as truly it is damn hard to do the right thing.

And, most often than not, we know what is the right thing to do for each of us, and when we don’t do it we blame the situation, the government, the environment, or whatever we can blame but us.

I know, is really depressive.

But when we fail, when we take the wrong path, life give us another opportunity a chance to vindicate ourselves. And this time is a bit easier because if you stop and see you’ll realize that you have two paths in front again and one of them is the same wrong path where you came from (that should be easy to spot) and the other path is called redemption.

So, redemption is a mix of two things, realization and choice. First, realization it’s natural, but to accept that you took the wrong path and you need a change, that is hard, that’s why there are so many different types of groups that help you to go through this part. For some, that path might have seen like the correct one and it will take longer for them to realize their mistake, and for others, it’s instantaneous when they simply look behind and realize that they are actually in the wrong path for them.

Actually thinking like this, the wrong path is more like a slide! It’s so easy to go with it, you acquire speed and it will take you nowhere. So realization and acceptance would be like stopping from the (almost) free falling of that path, crying and with burning hands, as an afraid kid crying out loud inside a hot slide. But then you finally stop, look around and see the ladder of redemption (Dang with these metaphors) that will take you back to your official life path (the real life that you want to live), and just by staring at this path you won’t get anywhere. You have to make one big decision and then take the first step.

So, STOP wait a minute (fill my cup….), realize where you are right now and if you are in the wrong path, whatever that is for you, it can be playing hours and hours of videogames in this lockdown (yes it happens), watching to many series or movies or just not living at it finest by not being the best version of yourself. Whatever it is, realize it, accept it, take some time to meditate on this, make the decision, and finally, just take the first step to the right path.

If you needed your motivational piece for today let me be that and just tell you: You can do it! (not a Nike sponsor), you just have to SIMPLY, BEGIN AGAIN

Written by johanam

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