Dec. 6, 2020


Tonight I have an assortment- a THC cocktail. I went to the dispensary earlier and got some in pill form. My friend recommended them to me for sleep because the effects are longer lasting. I also have my regular vape and a smaller vape pen with Durban in it. That strain makes me feel creative so I managed to fart out a little doodle today even if it's not much. I may finish it later and use it as an icon, but I might not. Right now all that I have on my mind are winding down for the night. I want to have something to eat (yeah of course I 've got the munchies lol), get changed into something light since my room is hot right now, maybe lay back and meditate a little bit because I'm sort of losing focus- then I can go to bed with a clear mind and hopefully not get all sweaty.

Written by iyazo

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