Dec. 7, 2020

Pink Lemonade

I actually didn't wake up feeling super gross today. I guess the thinnest shirt I own or sleeping shirtless and without a blanket is the solution to that (though I did wake up with a blanket on). It feels so open and exposed though, but I can do it... I mean I'm the only one who lives on this floor of the house, I've got my own room up here, why not?

Michael drove me to my dentist appointment which was an hour away. I hate that it's so far, but so few places take my insurance and have good dentists... I just ended up staying with them. But now they're telling me that my one tooth in the front is dead and I need a root canal or they're going to pull it. I'm really hoping that I see the other dentist again next time and they just resurface it like they did with my other teeth. I don't see why they can't. I handled that news surprisingly well. I think it's the THC pills. They work great for anxiety all day, rather than taking a Klonopin as needed. Too bad that's way too expensive for me to do all the time though... It would be great to not worry about anxiety all day everyday.

The dentist told me I need to stop drinking anything besides water, but fuck that, honestly. I already quit hard drinking, that was difficult enough and now more is being asked of me... I immediately went and got a soda after I got my teeth cleaned because if I die I die. They barely cleaned them anyway, just poked them and counted cavities and touchups they need to do. I'll just brush them good before bed. I need to eat something now anyway.

The house was relatively empty and quiet today without the kids around so I decided to set up fort in the bathroom and cut and dye my own hair. I haven't cut my own hair in a while and the clippers I was using are larger than I'm used to so I messed it up a little bit, but it'll grow back... It's kind of hard to fuck up an undercut too much. And I dyed my mane a pastel it looks a bit like pink lemonade hair with the blonde streaks left in it, because it was a bit splotchy coming out. I kind of like it though so I might leave it the way it is.

I didn't get a chance to exercise today, so it was a nice rest day. I still used up all of my spoons though between the appointment earlier and other things, like cleaning the rats cage... that took a lot of energy to do because it's so large. The cage is bigger than I am. I switch out the fabric liners which I hand-make, and scrub down the floor panels. They're just stinky boys.

No plans for tomorrow, so I guess I'll just see how things go as the day progresses. Maybe I can get some drawing or sewing done, or maybe some reading. Depends on how zippy or down I'm feeling, I guess. That's kind of a crapshoot that depends on a lot of different variables. Right now I'm feeling annoyed. Just because a stupid notification light keeps blinking. I've been very irritable lately like that and right now I'm tired and in pain so..... yeah...

Well that's it for today, time to wrap up and wind down for the night.

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Dec 08, 2020

I wonder how a tooth can just die like that?

Posted On Dec 10, 2020

@JustMegawatt I'm not really sure. The enamel on it is half chipped off and the inside of the tooth is exposed, but luckily I don't feel any pain. I get a lot of cavities because I have chronic dry mouth from some of the medications I'm on. Spending time being homeless didn't help either.

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