Dec. 10, 2020

In Between Day

Today went by quickly, thank goodness. It was a rather dull day. I woke up and apparently managed to not pull the blanket over me, overheating myself. So any day I don't wake up drenched in sweat is a good day. The sweating comes after, when I do my workout. Today's yoga session seemed short with not a ton of motion or anything complicated at all so I did more crunches to make up for it in some small way.

Tomorrow I go see my hormone doctor and get to ask what the deal is with the hot flashes and how do I get them to stop... I know they want to put me on female hormones... but I also haven't taken my testosterone injection for over a month now. Let me just say my body is REAL confused. I just want to finish recovering so I can set up an onlyfans page and hopefully try and pull in some extra income. Right now I feel like my body is too ugly... Soft pudgy belly even though I'm thin and small with a bunch of spots where it looks like I was stabbed. I'm coping with the fact I have even more scars on my body now in one of the few places there were none. Not to mention the fact I need to have a good spot set up to take pictures, which I'm a little nervous about.

I did a little more drawing and made plans to go to the art store tomorrow hopefully for some new supplies. To be honest, I'll probably steal them, I can't afford like $5 per marker when I need a whole set of colors... I also want to get watercolor pencils. I think they would be fun to work with. Anyway I can't get the picture to upload.... oh well.

Just waiting for my medication to kick in now so that I can go to sleep early and be able to get up on time tomorrow. I am not a morning person and I need to be up before 8am.... It was the only appointment they had though so I took it since I missed my last appointment.

Written by iyazo

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