Dec. 28, 2020

Buying and Selling

Today was pretty good. Another day where it feels like I did very little, but I got a lot done. I woke up overheated again this morning and spent time cleaning myself up. Then, Michael came and picked me up to run my usual errands Luckily I had enough money for another vape. I keep trying to save money and failing at it because I don't want to deal with pain or insomnia. I don't like the one they recommended me this time really... the one guy tends to be kind of off with his recommendations for me pretty consistently though, so next time I'll just go with what the other workers say is best. I shouldn't have second guessed the front desk person. I think they had a better pick.

I didn't feel up to organizing anything or posting to ebay still, partially because I do need some supplies first which I'm waiting for next month to roll around so that I can afford them. So instead today I spent mostly reading. I did exercise a little bit, but wasn't really feeling up to that either. My body feels all crackly today. I guess that's being 30 sneaking up on me, ready to hit me with a chair in 2021... but shit, I still have no plans, I didn't intend to live for like half this time which is pretty wild to think about. I've made it twice as far as I thought I would and I'm still going.

Unrelated, but I really like the term "slinging produce" as a euphemism for sex work because of the emojis 🍆🍑 My friend said it and now I can't stop thinking about it. Anyway since I'm still recovering from surgery I can't do that so I've been thinking about just saying fuck it and buying a tablet to draw on and hopefully pick up some commissions and earn money that way... I need to get used to digital art... that's all people really want it seems. I feel like having a screen to draw on I'm more likely to use it. Then I can improve my work faster having the tablet to use right here... If only I could afford it.

The one I want is on my wishlist, if anyone feels so inclined to get me something nice for my upcoming 30th birthday~! (It can be sorted from most to least wanted)

Written by iyazo

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