Jan. 1, 2021

2020 (Forged in Fire)


The Test//Forged in fire? // the research

Well well well, It's over after all. 

How to begin explaining the end of one of the most controversial but important year for humanity in general. We can start small, we can start with our own perspective.

2020 was a year full of more discoveries, we experienced something that never happened in human history before because of how it developed and the new trends and technologies in the world. It was extraordinary to watch how unpredictable the future can be, how we adapt to it, and how we, as humans, evolve. 

Make no mistakes, The world has changed, and we had to change with it. 

Now, I can go ahead and write a lot about what happened this year, how it affected us as humanity, and give a short conclusion about how the world will be after this (that will be a long but sick post) but I better go ahead and figure out first what happened with me, how it affected me (what changed) and how the future seems for me.


To begin this I was thinking on the roof of the place that I've called home for a bit over 23 years of my life, that, this review first of all is the first one of a kind for me. Why? Well, first of all, because I believe that 2019 was the beginning of my life. 

Before that year I felt a bit empty. Yes, the drive and dreams were inside but I never could have materialized or even think that something like that was possible even when I was preparing by doing the things I loved (learning as always, exercising, good grades, gaming a lot, a girlfriend) So I better explain that for me 2019 was the discovery. 2019 opened my eyes and in front of me was my purpose in life, what drives me and makes me feel like passion is real. Not only that but traveling, learning, getting to know people, and working with them in such amazing things and ways, I discovered the core of Johanam Abdalla, and I understood (in a simple way) what it will take to become who I was born to be. (I will explain this later)

That takes us to 2020 which I will call the research, the big plan and forged in fire. 2020 hit me with all my hopes and dreams very big and fresh inside me, I just discovered the vision and clarity very powerful and bright inside me like the man trapped in a cave digging to finally escape and after days with a numb feeling in his fingers and nails, unrecognizably covered in mud and dirt, he pulls one last rock and stares at the powerful ray of sunshine. But he sees around and it's not over, now that he knew where to dig the man started digging with a new purpose and a new drive.  

Enough of the metaphor, I had my plan to be more productive and started the year with all my young strength and drive that I had. January was pretty good, I improved a lot in productivity, how to track it, and prepared a schedule and a plan to follow. I was more focused as I left completely my endeavor in Plastic Fever to pursue new and better things. 

In February it felt even better, feeling like I can really finish my career this year and getting excited to quit my job and work in my dad's company again. It felt as I was making progress and establishing my own structure to achieve the goals and dreams that I had. 

In March is where it hit for us COVID, and no, I won't keep describing month by month. Covid for us was a strong hit, I was trying to do stuff on my computer, focusing on college and starting my new focus TRADING.

Anyway, I don't want to make this a linear story, I want to do it as 2020 in a nutshell, after all, so, to do that I need to describe why I called this year the test. 

"The test", "the research", and "the plan" all forged in the fire means that as much as I wanted this year to be a plain linear story it taught me something else. Taught me that, as much as we want things to go our way, life will always throw something at you making it feel that it is not. For me this year was very clear and "the plan" was the original name for this year, I wanted to make a structure or foundation in which my life is going to be this coming 10 to 20 years. And I got most of it (as everything is a work in progress) but after all, it wasn't only that. It sent me a test about knowing myself, a test to show me how life really is, unpredictable, uncontrollable, and sometimes hopeless. That made me make more research about myself, about what I really am and what I really want to be, and after all these months it reassured my views, maybe through changed the way to get there but the vision is the same. 

Many things happened, good and bad and, as a human, I feel great by counting the good things and, as a champion, I will push to learn from the bad.

"Stoicism!" Few things thought me more and helped me deeper than stoicism. I wanted to understand and use it at the end of 2019 but it did more than that. I changed me. I understood that it is not a flawless theory but is something that gave me an understanding of a deeper level of myself and how to react to the earthling matters. Is a work in progress so I will keep reading about it next year.

*doing (barely consistent) my 5 min journal

*Reading daily stoic 

"Enjoying family and life / Meditation," thought me a few important things in my life that will stay forever.

*Learning more about myself, silence, patience, emotions, GOD

"Entertainment / Reading for pleasure". It is not bad at all... if it's according to a schedule and helps you grow by releasing stress and making you appreciate life even more.

*Read Sherlock holmes // 

*Padre rico padre pobre // 

*Isaac Asimov cuentos completes // 

*Como ganar amigos e influenciar personas // 

*Rick riordan egypt series // 

*Millionaire next door // 

*The Daily stoic 

*Watching tons of videos and loving the ones about engineering (hint to my future in business)

"Productivity structure". A keystone for who I want to become. 

*I created my own structure of productivity best suited for myself with tools like *google calendar // todoist // Rescue me // Habitica  

*Met and have a great party of awesome people in Habitica.


"MUSIC". Not losing my piano skills but sharpening my musical skills 

"Exercising". Being at the peak of my strength in my whole life and finally applying it to biking long distances, good reflexes and body control in mountain biking, bouldering a couple of times, Climbing volcanos this last quarter

*Beating my "Boulder" records on biking distances

*Finally real mountain biking with great people

*Running more and more and getting better at it

*Climbing volcanos like crazy (5), the three main ones and achieving "THE TRILOGY"

"Entrepreneurship". Having a great time working again with my dad and my brother. Many things to still improve in it but glad that we tried. Actually putting to work and order the "andamios" again and see how much revenue it brings all because of me.


"Trading and investing" (adding this to the list). Just a perfect match for who I am, money, and business that I will never keep doing and getting better at it.

*BITCOIN INVESTMENT ($10,500 at the time of writing over 100% return)

*Learning, backtesting, and working in trading Forex

*FINANCIAL MARKETS and how to take advantage of them

"Writing" I love doing it, it's hard for me but I will make it happen and profit from it.

The conclusion then, all of this and many more that I don't remember right now made me feel as this was one of the best years of my life. I got tested and I passed, no matter the grade, I learned from it. I had to research more deep inside me and each day I see my vision even clearer and the path forming itself towards it.

This year had its ups and downs emotionally and mentally for me, but I managed to succeed and come to the other side ready TO EXECUTE.





Written by johanam

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