Dec. 31, 2020

New Years

I woke up to bad news. My friend, Angel, who had been fighting stage 4 liver cancer was in the hospital and hadn't been lucid since Wednesday afternoon. They tried to drain fluid away from his lungs, but I guess that wasn't enough. He passed away earlier today. I mourn for the family that he left behind. I have been sharing the family's gofundme page in the past day they've almost met their goal.

Earlier today I went out and Michael and I stood in line out in the cold at the dispensary for about an hour to get in! Due to covid and state regulations they can only allow a certain number of people in at a time (5 per room), so the line wrapped all the way around the building's side and around the back when we got there... but I got some good stuff. They finally restocked terrapin stuff which was really cheap! I'll be really happy if it works as well as the stuff I usually get. I've heard good things about it. I got the capsules they make and a Trail Mix vape. It at least sounds good. I also got Ice Cream Cake and GG#4 which are some favorites of mine.

After that, I went grocery shopping because there wasn't much of anything in the house. I asked Jena to just send me a list and I would get whatever. Their kids were really happy when I came in with a bunch of the things they like to eat. They youngest asked me if next time I can get soda so I said sure haha he's a really sweet kiddo. They even helped to put it all away, which I was grateful for. I didn't actually get a ton for myself. Things like seeds and granola, and a bag of potatoes (that one I left downstairs because it gets a bit warm in my room and it's not just me). I left the cherry tomatoes up here though because I'll just eat them like that. I got myself more chocolate because dark chocolate supposedly helps with mood, so I try to have a little bit of it every now and then even though I really shouldn't with my teeth as delicate as they are. I'll just brush them carefully after I eat it....

Depending on when the stimulus paychecks go through I'm going to get a tablet then and try to save the rest up for a new laptop. At least Ideally that's what I want to do. Realistically I might be expected to pay my full rent, which is actually $600... They just let me stay here because I guess I don't start shit and I actually contribute to the household where I can and they know I mean well. They're really nice like that because they know that I don't have anywhere else to go.

I didn't do anything special for new years. Didn't watch the ball drop. Did that even happen this year? I can't imagine New Years not happening in NY. I don't have a cable hookup or anything though so unless I look it up I don't know. Apparently it did and looked really rainbowy. I know BTS did their own thing, that was cool. I did watch a few behind the scenes things they posted about like V's birthday and the new years eve questions. I guess that was something from vlive? I stopped getting notifications from there and I'm not sure why...

I think now it's time for me to wind down, I've taken my medicine and am waiting to see if these capsules do anything for me. I have to get more water for my ratties but that's it for me before bed. Just need to close everything down and try to not think about anything and relax... easier said than done. I'm really glad that last year is finally over though. Right away I wanted to draw but the GG#4 threw me off track from doing anything productive after I got home and finally sat down. It Gorilla Glue #4'd my ass to my bed 🤣 Now I need to momentarily unglue so that I can restick myself down flat lol (Well I guess the pills are working well enough) Should have brought in the new year with a new beer as is tradition, or maybe sparkling grape juice I got at least. Maybe tomorrow... I mean it is tomorrow, but after I wake up. yup

I'm just thinking about how someone made a post to play the song Zero O'Clock by BTS at a certain time so that Jimin sings "and you're gonna be happy" right at midnight and that song has been stuck in my head

Written by iyazo

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