Jan. 8, 2021


Today was a calm day. I allowed myself to sleep in a few extra minutes after waking up, just to enjoy being comfortable in bed. I'm trying to do more simple things like that, just to appreciate what I have that much more. I got up and ate breakfast which was just fruit, seeds, and a poptart. I need to eat less junk. I think that's my next goal. I already cut down significantly on a lot of things, especially caffeine. My diet isn't a huge deal right now though because I'm in my ideal weight range, so I don't want to mess it up too much. Any drastic changes, where I'm living in a full house of people who do eat meat, is basically impossible unless I buy my own fridge which I don't have the space or money for. Their fridge and freezers are all always filled to the brim with whatever they like to eat, which is part of why I store my food upstairs and need to stick to nonperishables only. I brought a banana up here and it instantly turned brown because of the heat... I'll share it with my rats for breakfast tomorrow before it goes totally bad.

I should clean their cage tomorrow as well if I have the energy. I really hope that I do. There's a lot of maintenance stuff I need to get done recently... Cage cleaning, more sewing, sewing machine oiling and upkeep, bed laundry, shaving my face, trimming my hair and dying it. I try to do that stuff when the kids aren't around though since we have so many people and only one bathroom. There's always endless amounts of things to get done or that I've like to spend time doing, but either I'm unmotivated or don't have the time.

I did decide to start something new today.... relatively speaking. I started using duolingo to (re-)learn some Japanese. I want to learn Korean, German, and Spanish too but that's a whole lot, so one thing at a time. I'm remembering how to write and say everything which is the super easy part even though it seems a bit overwhelming. Honestly it would be much harder had I not taken the courses in college that I had taken where we learned the hiragana characters with phonetics and little memory tricks that happened to stick with me. Katakana is where I actually don't know it as well, which is silly because you would think it would be easier since it's used mostly for foreign words spelled out phonetically.

I didn't do another drawing today because I was busy with other things, but I did figure out how to post them. I plan on trying to get a good pic of some hand drawn stuff I've done and finish it digitally on the tablet. To be fair I did a bunch of doodles the other day. I need to come up with some good ideas for what I would like to draw. One person said draw my character in my outfits doing what I normally do....but no one wants to see me in my pajamas watching netflix lmao My life is not too terribly exciting.

I read for about an hour this morning, did two workout sets and a yoga session. I feel most productive and can really measure how I'm feeling energy-wise that day this way and plan accordingly.

I'm wondering what's happened to Brett. I thought they said that they wanted to hang out this weekend, but I haven't heard from them yet.... So far I have zero plans for my 30th birthday. It's a little sad. Not a ton to be done with covid anyway though, but I'm still disappointed. A friend bought me some undershirts and a book off of my wishlist which was really nice. I can't believe I made it to 30. I never thought I would.

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Jan 09, 2021

Belated Happy Birthday~!☺️ I wish you good health and Godbless😊

Posted On Jan 10, 2021

@s_t_4_r Thank you it's actually going to be today (on the 10th), so you haven't missed it yet!

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