Jan. 11, 2021

Lazy Day

Took it easy today. I went light on my workout and skipped the yoga... I really should have done it, but I had very little energy today. I wanted to take a shower but the tub is full of kid's bath toys which I refuse to clean up. I already have been feeding and watering the cats even though that's like the one big no for me but I can't stand when they stand there and cry and beg for food, so I give in easily. Really I just want them to shut up.

I tried to go to a local Vietnamese market today but unfortunately it's the one day a week they're closed, go figure... I borrowed some screwdrivers so I can open up my creaky sewing machine and fix it. I'm just waiting for the oil to get here. I tried to set up my playstation 2 so that I can play DDR but found that the cables were missing, so I had to order them along with the mat, which will be here by the end of the month supposedly. It's a little something different, but with a nostalgic feel. Another friend of mine is getting into it again too. I didn't do much of anything else today. Played a few mobile games. Studied Japanese a little bit. Couldn't come up with anything I felt like drawing, so I didn't. Couldn't focus enough to read.

Written by iyazo

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