Jan. 15, 2021

Jetpacks Was Yes

Today I didn't plan to do anything because Glitch was to come over, and she did. It's really the first time a girl has expressed interest in me that I've acted on... So she came up to my room and we talked for hours (well, mostly they did, because I'm more of a honestly more of a listener) but it was never a dull moment and I felt actually happy to be able to spend my time with someone, and be able to openly talk about relationships (dating within the LGBT 25+ scene during covid is near impossible bruh, it is hardt. It's a hard fuckin time to be had) but like I said they had expressed interest in me and apparently have already talked to their partner about it who agreed that we would at least get along well, and we do. We ended up ordering a pizza and watching Captain Marvel and cuddling. A gay time was had by all and we've agreed we should hang out again sometime. I gave them my signature big tight hug before they went home for the night.

There's definitely a lot that we had to talk about. Their name holds sway in our local community because they work for the LGBT Coalition, and I like to stay quiet and mind my own while they are loud and boisterous and fun- we seem like opposites a little but we really do get along really well. I like to listen to the stories they have of all they've been through- they're a really strong person, but it's still easy to find their softness. If I didn't say I like them I would at least say I highly admire them and respect them. I did tell them I have never dated a trans woman before and we talked a bit about that, different expectations, and about sex (which they are very open about because they're a sw'er as well)

Apparently I have very big jetpack energy- like dom energy when it comes to cuddling, but I'm always the smaller person so... jetpack. I don't know if I have big dom energy in general, but that seems to be the consensus among the people who are attracted to me (What do you think?) I've always been expected to be the dominant one, but I'm honestly shy as fuck and never make the first move lol I never thought that my dating issue was because people might see me as intimidating in some way... whoops! I hope that isn't the case. I got really shy when they did and asked me to cuddle. They do the cute 👉👈 thing and I do a /)//w//( cheek touch thing. I guess for now we're just seeing where things go from here, but we're both interested in each other. I'm actually a bit intimidated by them ahaha so we'll see...

I actually would really like to date again, either long distance or not, I feel like I want to have someone who's side I can be by

Written by iyazo

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