Jan. 18, 2021

Beginning of CHANGE and EXECUTION (action? Whatever)

Weekly Review Jan 10-17

Right then, coming back to my weekly reviews. 2020 New year of Change and Execution. Two very hard things, let's get to work.

The first week of the year I felt like a nice and deserved vacation, not really sure why deserved it, but it was a low volume and effort in my job and in the afternoon I was just enjoying doing nothing (which I want to remove from me).

This second week I pushed myself a little bit. I worked and finish my goals and some plans to accomplish them while worrying about moving out this month.

Moving out is a necessity for me. I know myself and I understand the power of saving and being comfortable in my house, I saved and invested a lot of money last year doing this, but I understand even more the greater power of individuality, responsibility, and a sense of surviving by yourself. For me, and I'm sure for everyone, this is the best way to grow, it might backfire at first but I'll do it with all my capabilities (which, I know, are good).

It doesn't have to be a lonely life, but I promised myself many things that I need to accomplish before 24. So, I'll do my best and go along with it. Don Daniel's house is a great opportunity for this and I can take advantage of it if I invest in it. I'll do my best.

I just sign up for the last bunch of courses of my 6'ish years of mechanical engineering. It is more exhilarating than I thought, and I know that there is still a long enough path after closing all courses but is a great achievement and I'll, also, do my best to end it this year.

On WRITING/READING I can't procrastinate on this any longer, I'll have an article for each of my blogs by the end of the months or I'll die! I just need to do this!!!

On trading, I'm not doing awful, but I'm close to that. I am kind of following my strat (not really) but I'm entering too many trades, for this next week I'll enter 3 trades Max, which I already took one (OIL).

BTC is consolidating just fine but I'm glad I diversified buying ETH and ADA as these 2 are going to the moon after this, hopefully with BTC.

That's all in general, I feel very hopeful for the future but right now I'm a bit confused in what the steps will be for a long-term entrepreneurship career. I just know a few things as a fact about my future:

* I'll be traveling next year!

* I'll be fully working in my new venture

* I'll have different revenue streams

* I'll be successful (as this is a state of mind)

P.S I'm struggling with relationships in my life. I'll try to talk to someone about it (Susan)

Written by johanam

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