Jan. 22, 2021


I managed to wake up on time today, but that didn't leave me much time to get anything done before I went to the dentist. We got a little bit lost, but I wasn't late. I actually had to wait outside until they unlocked the door because they weren't allowing people to wait in the small waiting room. I only had one of my top back teeth filled today, but apparently it was cracked almost to the root and missing parts. I had no idea, I couldn't feel it or see that far back. Now when I look I can catch a glint of silver if I have my mouth aaaaaaall the way open. The dentist said it's highly possible it will crack again and if it does I'll need a crown, but this should hold up for now. I feel like why not just put the crown on instead of doing something that's only temporary and more expensive in the long run... Next time hopefully they'll have time to get more than one done. This was just such a big cavity that's all they could do.

When I got home I ate before the pain started to kick in- and I'm glad I did because it kicked hard. I took a bunch of acetaminophen and that helped. I feel ok now. I was working on cleaning up my room for several hours. I broke down a few more boxes and set them aside to reuse later as I found a place for more of my things. I'm noticing more and more of my stuff missing that my ex housemate never gave to me and I'm wondering if he kept it because he knew how much it was worth... Anyway I'm going through my things to see what I can sell. Around half of the things I posted to ebay have at least a low bid on them. I'm hoping I made the prices high enough to at least cover shipping because I made the price of everything pretty low just so it would sell. I've been doing ok with saving money so far. I did spend some money on fast food, but there was nothing to make a meal of at home and... well... it's fast. I really need to cut fast food out of my diet completely again. There's certainly room for improvement when all I tend to eat are snacks or instant meals. I feel that's very on point for a 30 year old guy living on his own though lol

I didn't see Glitch today, they had to go home early and I must have missed them. I do miss them even though it has only been a day. Thinking about it makes me feel a bit strange... I haven't felt like this in a long time. I'm still trying to sort out my feelings about everything.

I practiced Japanese for a bit today, that's the only other real work I got done. I mostly studied Katakana some more, so I didn't get up too far in the leaderboards. I didn't play games as much as usual today or vape as much either, which I guess can be counted as good things. As long as I keep myself busy, I'll vape less, hopefully. I don't want to end up dipping into my savings fund for more. I don't even want to dip into my savings fund to pay my bills. I'm pretty sure it's a billing error though because they get my legal name and my birth name (which is no longer my name, it's my deadname) all mixed up. So I'm sure that's what the problem is and I don't really need to stress myself out too much about it... I still have to make phone calls though, which is annoying and I really don't want to.

When I stopped in at the pharmacy today I spent time browsing the cosmetics and picked up a few things to try. I never fucking wear makeup and I (especially these days) never go out so why...? Who knows really, I have really poor impulse control. I don't even care if I get caught because I just pocketed everything I grabbed... When I got back home was when I went into all out organization mode and I started with the makeup and all of my bathroom stuff. I cleared out a drawer and everything else that didn't go into the drawer went into a condensed box and I was able to throw away one bag that had been holding things. I finally made enough progress that I can see the back wall of the big alcove a tiny bit. I need to figure out what to do with some of the other stuff, like yarn from my failed attempts at learning to crochet and knit... I'm not sure if they would sell because yarn is actually pretty expensive to get a useable amount. I guess if nothing else I could donate it. I really had wished that I could have made something with it. I liked the colors and textures I had picked out. If I'm not going to use it there's no point in keeping it though. That's how I feel going through all of my things, seeing what I can stand to part with.

Tomorrow is a free day for me. I have no plans. I'm thinking about cleaning up some more if the weather holds out. I've been hearing that we may get more snow, or at least rain. I hope not because that would leave me feeling useless and sore. If I can get up I want to clear of my bookshelf and get together all of the books I'm planning to get rid of. These days you can get anything digitally, so I might try to get rid of a lot of them and use the shelf space for stuffed animals and figures that I plan to keep. I'm thinking about getting more stuffed animal hammocks or something as well so that I have somewhere to put everyone. I still need to hammer a couple of nails in the wall so I can hang up a clear shoe organizer that Kat got for me- it's a good way to store small stuffed animals like beanie babies and such. I want to put it somewhere other than hanging over the back of my door though because there's not enough room with the frame for it to close. If I can manage to hang it on the wall I may buy another and have them lining the walls leading upstairs. That would certainly save space. I was looking around online just now and think I came up with an idea for how to hang the netting between the exposed beams of my ceiling. I'm gonna need to borrow a ladder and/or a tall friend to set it up and to get them all up there.

I found the plastic bits that hold my wire shelving together finally too so I can clear off my table and set that up tomorrow. I was going to take some more pictures for ebay on that table, so I would need to get that out of the way first. Er.... second.... cleaning first, so I have a nice neat set to photograph things on.

I got sidetracked checking out fabric online because I need a backing for the rainbow fleece I got a while back to make more bedding for my rats. These boys like to chew holes so they can get underneath it, so I need to make more liners. I also need to get an iron. Weird adult (like actually, I Am An Adult) things that I need. I might spend the last of my money for the month on this stuff for them. I serviced my sewing machine recently and I hopefully did it right because I haven't been getting anymore squeaking. I'm a little worried about the timing being off though, which is an annoying problem that happens easily, but I can't fix by myself... Basically if the timing is off the needle will either catch at the wrong time and jam or slip and not catch and jam. It sucks either way lol.... If I'm going to buy the stuffed animal nets I might as well get at least an iron if not that fabric as well so I can complete a few more projects aside from tidying up my room.

I'm wondering if I should buy things to prepare for having a dog so I can spread out my spending a bit more and make it easy for myself. I mean it's not like I can really mess up a whole lot. Get a couple bowls, a crate and bed, a leash (but I guess wait on the collar), and a tag with my address and phone number on it... Getting each thing would feel like getting another present for myself and getting one step closer to having a dog as well. I guess it doesn't make a huge difference if I get it now or if I hold onto the money and buy it all at once (though I might overwhelm myself that way so maybe the other way IS better...)

Written by iyazo

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