Jan. 24, 2021

Macaroni In The Pot

The "Me Want Bite" tiktok lives in my head rent free

Last night Glitch tried sleeping in my bed with me but I'm such a disaster bisexual that I couldn't get to sleep and they ended up going downstairs. I get really anxious around sleep time and part of that is the insomnia. She told me my hair smells nice today and started petting me and I turned into melty goop. I don't usually get flustered by people, so it's really jarring when I do because the walls I put up have to come down. Glitch is moving a little fast for me, but it's ok I guess. I'm just not used to being in relationships like this now, so it will take some time. I haven't felt this way in a long time... I haven't really wanted to kiss anyone in a really long time. It's just not really my thing?? I'm used to being a rock, but I've been turned into soft clay. I'm used to people saying that they like me and never following through on anything, but now all the sudden I'm dating this hot as hell chick and don't know how to deal sdaklfslajdkfh she was wearing a crop top (for me) earlier and I felt so special and lucky. I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I'm happy for once. I just hope the feeling stays. Right now I'm just really nervous.


My first ebay listings ended earlier and I made just about $100 from the clothing and stuff I posted, granted half of that money was from a rare pokemon item alone. I'm surprised I didn't get interest on my BTS stuff since they're so popular right now... I don't mind keeping it for myself. If there's no interest though, I'm going to remove the tags and just use them for myself because I might as well.

I'm a bit torn on some of the clothing I'm selling because a few things are shirts I got from shows I went to with people who were incredibly toxic in my life, so on one hand- pricy merch from a good time, but on the other hand- I don't want to have those memories with that person anymore, which makes me pretty sad... Selling memories that cost me $95 for only $5.... but I really need the money I guess.

I really want to work on clearing out my books next, but I want to see if any will sell before I give up and just donate them all because I got a surprising amount of interest for the clothes I posted. People will buy all kinds of weird stuff. One person's trash is another's treasure, I suppose. I need to go through more clothes and photograph them since now I know that clothes will likely sell. Then there's toys and plush and video games. I figure by the time I have all of that stuff sorted out and sold I'll probably have enough money to afford dog stuff, I hope, as well as actual space for a dog. Glitch was supposed to bring Athena up so that I could get a sense for what it would be like having a dog in my space all the time, but she had an accident in her crate and we didn't want dog pee tracked through the house, so hopefully some other time.

Now that I found everything I need to set up my wire cube shelves I should really do that tomorrow because once I have them all set up I could likely hang clothing from them for pictures so I can make more ebay listings. The only thing is I need to see if Michael is around tomorrow now so that I can get to the post office to ship everything (if for some reason I just can't put them in the drop box across the street). Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. Then I'll just do what I did last time and list things for sale as I go through my day and get that other stuff done.

Written by iyazo

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