April 6, 2020

Cold and quiet

For my family, today marks the start of the third week of quarantine. For the most part, I would say it suits me just fine. Although the weather keeps being all cuddly and nice, which is something that would normally lure me out of the house. Not today though, I am will be a good girl and stay home all day... Or not. We need some bread from the bakery and Mom asked me to go and get some. I was not really in the mood to get out at first, but then realized, bandit style is totally justified right now! So I choose a short scarf, tied it around my face like a bandana and left to get bread. When I got back Dad joked if they gave me the bread without me paying, but alas, I do not think I looked anything frightening. The bandit look is just not the same without a revolver.

I decided to prune what was left of our lavender. It already started new sprouts but they look so weak still. I got rid of a lot of old, sick looking dry branches. So the new ones can get all the sunlight they need. I hope I did not go overboard though, I got a bit carried away and right now it kinda looks pitiful. I gave it a lot of water so I hope it gets strong soon. I forgot to ask Mom about it first and I don't know what she will think of it when she sees it. I hope it grows a bit before she notices.

On a somewhat darker note, I overheard my father talking on the phone. He was talking to someone about how different governments reacted to the virus, with Scandinavian countries saying stuff like it is not much of a problem since Scandinavian people already live a quarantine like life. It is almost like saying there is no need for strict regulations since people in our country, who live like us will probably not catch it and those with a different culture can just die. I mean, that is just racist! Yesterday when I saw a family reunion kind of thing in the parking lot on the other side of the street, I got really concerned so I jokingly said to my mother "This is not good. Nice outgoing people are the ones really in danger. Maybe this is what Jesus meant when he said that at the end of times the love of many people will grow cold." Although it was a bit of a stretch, she did not point it out. She instead pointed it out that this has always been the case with epidemics. "But if all kind and outgoing people die of pandemics, then all we will have left are people like us!" I blurted out, to which she finally laughed. But I am still somewhat concerned. What are we gonna do with all the introverted, grumpy shut-ins and their huge personal spaces? Sure I am of that group as well but I love outgoing people. I need them to keep a conversation going, to be like moderately noisy. The world would be a dreadfully bleak place without them. Governments, do not kill off all the fun people, please.

Written by Aislene

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Posted On Apr 07, 2020

This is my fifth week of quarantine D:
Anyhoo, it's true, different governments have different methods to try to keep the people safe xD For example here in Italy they quarantined everybody immediately, France made fun of us but soon after copied us immediately along with Spain, England didn't want to quarantine people 'cause Johnson (the prime minister) said that his people should get it in their immune system but then he got infected (i don't know if they ended up quarantining England though) :) I have no idea what's going with Germany though xD
But just because we have these obligated precautions, doesn't mean that everyone follows them: there are a lot of people here in Italy that still go out, 'cause they think they're stronger than the virus, and in the end they are the ones that infect the most xD There was a case where some were confirmed to have the virus, but the still went out anyways and infected a lot of people wherever they went :/ But don't you worry, I'm sure that there are some extroverted people that prefer to play it safe and stay at home, rather than going out with the risk of getting infected. I think you should be more worried that stupid people are going out contaminating people and prolonging the quarantine xD

Posted On Apr 07, 2020

@pinenutes thank you so much for your reassuring words! If you from Italy can keep a brave face about all this then I guess I shouldn't be moping around either. Let's hope this all blows over soon. :D

Posted On Apr 07, 2020

@Aislene I just keep myself busy xD Between chores, Uni, my hobbies and passing the time online with my friends and boyfriend I really don't think about the virus that much :) But you know, all the people I care about are keeping themselves safe, I'm keeping myself safe, so I don't tend to worry much :) I just wish people abide to the law and stay home, no matter how tedious it is xD
I hope so too :D

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