Feb. 20, 2021

Happy Birthday AYearAgo.Today!

Today marks the one year birthday of AYearAgo.Today which was created on February 20th 2020 (2/20/2020)!

This site is meant to be a free journaling and self-improvement website with a little bit of added gamification. We hope this site provides you with the tools you need to record the journeys that your life takes and tools to help you get where you want.

It doesn't seem like the site gets much updates lately, but we are still here and actively working in the background, making some incremental improvements every now and then and performing scheduled maintenance and backups. If you have any suggestions for improving the site or run into any problems, please feel to let us know.

Here are our one year stats:

  • 541 Members
  • 1453 Published Journal Entries
  • 589 Public Photos
  • 27 Public Logs and hundreds of entries

Thank you to all members for giving life to this website, and may we continue to have many new birthdays in the future!

Written by AYearAgoToday

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