April 9, 2020

1st quarter 90 Day Review (The satisfaction review):

90 Day Review (The satisfaction review):A quarter is a great timeline to check on your goals.

Companies around the world do this in the same period of time because is awesome.

I learned it from a blog post reading about millionaires and stuff like that, the guy said that a 90-day system for measuring progress is a must in every person that wants to improve in their lives.

So here it is my first Fun Review of the first quarter of 2020.

2020 hit me like a slap in reality. I don't want to talk much about way before January but 2019 was with no doubt the best freaking year of my life and just in the middle I came back and gradually, my productivity started to go down. This happened and I realized that is a bit of a mental state that coming back to my usual things give me, so the second half of the year was a bit trashy, having some ups and downs like presenting my project in enactus but most of the time just making money in my very unpleasant job and leaving my career aside.

So, 2020 hit me like a slap in reality. I needed to wake up, by January my productivity and general motivation were in the ground (or even under it) And I made a couple of decisions and set some goals.

With this, I entered the first quarter really good actually, busting my productivity to a really high level by learning and putting to practice different time organizing systems and after some iteration actually sticking to most of them.

It was growing up again, I got confidence and with my financial issues solved with some cash in the bank, I quit my job and decided to focus on ending my college carrer and working in my dad's company and my own. I really was trying my best, did some changes in my dad's company and started thinking in another venture to launch but suddenly the Johanam phenomena appear. I was working with my dad (awful organization system in the business BTW), starting my new venture (well, still thinking about it), I started to write more and have some thoughts of writing a blog, learning a couple of courses here and there, I started investing in the market (because why not) and still practicing piano every day. Yep, that's how I try to focus my life you know, I suck at it.

So, slowly but steady my decision power started to drop again and over that came Coronavirus, that broke me again.

In mid February I was very aware of the situation around the world because of my investments were flourishing by shorting almost everything. But, the threat became real in march where everything stopped here also, and with that my productivity too.

Right now I'm trying to climb up again but it's so hard while the world (nobody had been able to say that in history before), the whole world, is in a lethargic way of living.

But, let's come to the real Review:

1) Winning Achievements? Looking back over the past quarter, what are the things that make you the proudest about what you have achieved?”

I loved my productivity system and the way I came with my own. I iterated a lot on that.

2) “What’s Hot? When you look at everything that’s going on today, which areas of focus and progress are making you the most confident?”

The process and knowing that I have, not only about my productivity that I talked before but also the gained knowledge from studying abroad makes me confident to build a new venture and start working on it.

3) “Bigger and Better? Now, looking ahead at the next quarter, what new things are giving you the greatest sense of excitement?”

Uuhhh, the businesses that I'm building, by far, that makes me chill every day. And also learning more about investing in the stock market now that I'm into that also.

4) “What are the five new ‘jumps’ you can now achieve that will make your next 90 days a great quarter regardless of what else happens?”

* Working harder than ever in these 2 businesses and (at least 15 hours a week each)

* Connecting hardcore with people to improve the business (1 new connection each week)

* Setting better goals and KPI's to keep us tracking.

* move fast in the new business. Send it out there and then Iterate from that.

* Focus on finishing my career more than ever.

What went well?

What were your key wins?

What did you learn?

What has you most excited about?

Where do you need to pivot?

Written by johanam

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Posted On Apr 13, 2020

Hey there! just wanna drop by and say that this is a really good idea. I never thought of doing a self review quarterly.
The pandemic really is messing with everyone's productivity, but hopefully we can all find a way to persevere :)

Posted On Apr 15, 2020

Hey Shaiduck!!! Wow, you are the first comment that I've received in my writing. I'm actually starting my blog soon, first I'm writing and organizing some articles but really...Thanks a lot!!!
And yeah, this is a really cool strategy from a weird source actually:
I don't love articles like this one but in boredness, I'm reading almost everything that shows on my phone.
Thanks again and let's persevere!!!

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