March 3, 2021

Beginning of March

The other day I stayed over at my girlfriend's house as we had romantic plans for the evening. It was really nice, but I slept basically all day afterwards and I've been tired all day today as well. It's so cute, her husky Athena really loves me and refuses to leave my side whenever I come over. She stayed with me in bed all day and was so happy when I finally woke up that she started howling and jumping around. We ordered in from a local ramen place and I got some kind of veggie and tofu rice bowl thing which was pretty good- they give you sooooooooo much food, I was so stuffed after not eating all day.

All this back and forth lately has completely derailed my schedule. I've talked to Glitch about it and she's all about helping me get back to normal so whenever I get up tomorrow she's going to help me take care of some of the chores I haven't had the energy to get done. I really need to clean my rat cage. Those are some smelly, dirty boys. They seemed really glad that I came home earlier tonight. The three of them pressed up against the bars in a group until I came over to say hello and feed them. I might have to give Koya a bit of a bath and scrub his tail with an old toothbrush because it doesn't look like he's doing a great job keeping it clean. I'm sure he'll love me for that /s

I've been playing a lot of pokemon shield again lately. I started over, but kept a few of my pokemon from my previous save and kept going. I can't find my cinderace though... I know I traded him over because I have the pokedex entry, but he isn't in my boxes anymore, so I have no idea what happened to him...

I was planning to write about the dreams I had last night, but now that I go to write them, I can't remember them. I told Glitch about them and then forgot.

Tony has been wanting to hang out a lot lately. He doesn't usually hang out much during the week because he works early and gets home around 6 or 7pm. He was asking about hanging out tonight, but I got home too late. He goes to bed at 10 on weeknights. We usually hang out fridays, but he might want to see me tomorrow since I'm home now. He said that he misses me. We talk about cuddling and kissing a lot. Glitch is a little jealous and nervous that if I spend too much time with him that I won't want to spend time with her, but that isn't the case. Tony is still really young compared to me and I'm not sure he fully knows what he wants out of a relationship, so at the same time I'm trying not to get too attached too quickly.

I'm a bit stressed being home because Jena is still mad at everyone. It's been over a month now and I apologized... I tried to understand where they were coming from, but I still think they're way overreacting by calling me ableist and manipulative, especially when they're treating me like this- one way to my face and another behind my back, on facebook and wherever else... It's extremely childish and I'm over it. I'm disabled too and it's fucked up to play the whole "I'm more disabled than you" card when I made one mistake and said some things which I didn't mean to come off the way they did, which I tried explaining to them, but they're deciding to stay mad and that's something I can't do anything about.

At least my packages came in today. Unfortunately one of them I disliked and it was one I've been looking forward to for the past few months. I get Stitchfix every once in a while, but this time the stuff my stylist sent me was way out of my comfort zone. Wrong sizes, bad patterns and colors, too feminine, just not great all around, so unfortunately I'm returning everything. I was able to set it up so that they can try again and send another box in about a week, but I'm not super hopeful about it. The other package I got was four bottles of vape juice which was all half off the regular price. I got my favorite which tastes like fruity pebbles in milk, one that tastes like apple which is alright (I wish the taste was a bit stronger), blueberry/pomegranate/vanilla, and strawberry kiwi bubblegum. I started vaping nicotine again to kind of keep my anxiety down and reduce the amount I rely on the way more expensive THC vapes I use normally. Glitch recently bought me a couple of new vapes for that though, so I should be good for a few more weeks, I think. I still have a 1G cartridge left, I believe, as well as a .5 which is in there now. It's a pretty strong one so I only need to take a couple of hits for it to make me feel a little dizzy and sleepy. I've been getting dizzy spells a lot again recently and I'm not really sure why. Maybe I'm not drinking enough water. These things really dry out my mouth and eyes.

I can't believe it's already March. I have to get back on selling things, especially with my current situation... I'm honestly thinking about moving in with Glitch and Chris if they get a place together because Glitch has to move soon anyway. I'm not looking forward to moving. I really wanted to have a place here, but it just can't feel like home when I'm holed up on the third floor by myself, being accused of making Jena feel unsafe and unwelcome in their own home somehow, despite the fact that I'm rarely here anymore, which is part of why I've been writing computer around... I'll get my life back in order soon though.

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Mar 06, 2021

Thank you for eating meatless meals Iyazo, really means a lot for the animals. If you are going vegan you need to take a B12 supplement, how frequently you take depends on the serving size you find at a pharmacy or grocery store. Once a day for 10 micrograms, once every 3-4 days for 1000 micrograms, and once a week for 2000 micrograms.

The one I have is 1000 micrograms. Literally just the first one I found at a grocery store. So I take that every 3-4 days. And that's it. Again how freqently you take depends on the dosage you get. Don't do what I did, I've gone months without taking a B12 supplement and was fine, but it is a requirement to take so no long term problems arise.

Very happy for you, hope you enjoy the lifestyle and the food, and thanks again for the animals you are saving.

Posted On Mar 08, 2021

@JustMegawatt Honestly I eat a lot of meatless meals, I've just never been a huge fan of meat. I drink a lot of meal replacements and snacks which are kind to my fragile teeth. I'm not sure if I could go fully vegan because I already struggle with getting myself to eat enough, but I at least actively try to reduce the amount of animal products I take in. I probably should already be on a supplement- thank you for the dosage advice. I just need to find more vegan foods that I enjoy eating as a full meal, which has been one of my biggest obstacles because I'm a rather picky eater. I would eat more fruit, but I really have to be careful because my teeth chip very easily.

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