April 9, 2020

My lifetime enemy, procrastination!

Macaroons. They are quite daunting when you first have a look at them. Luckily I had the help of a blog page to help me make some perfect-ish one's. I didn't have the time to make the filling yet, but when I do I will definitely post a picture here.

Today I really messed up my schedule. I did not feel like doing stuff in the morning so I thought I would just play around for a bit and get to work in the afternoon. I ended up getting hooked on a mobile MMORPG so I wasted my whole day playing instead. I did end up making the macaroons, but that was all I accomplished.

Written by Aislene

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Posted On Apr 11, 2020

The filling is technically the easiest part of macaroons :D So you shouldn't be that stressed out tomorrow :D where did you get the recipe :)? Also, what game did you play xD?

Posted On Apr 22, 2020

@pinenutes Sorry, I didn't see your comment before. For the filling, we mixed white chocolate and blueberry jam, which tasted really good but looked super weird so I ended up not taking a picture in the end. The recipe I got from a Hungarian site, so I don't know how much it helps, but this is the URL ->(https://streetkitchen.hu/fantasztikus-desszertek/merjetek_macaront_sutni/).
As for the game, it's Black Desert mobile. :P

Posted On Apr 25, 2020

@Aislene White chocolate and blueberry jam sounds like a weird combination. But you inspire me, so I will try making it xD why not :D? ARE YOU HUNGARIAN :D? I should check that game out :) THANK YOU :D

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